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Stiletto Heels

As we stepped out into the rain

I looked down at the ground again

And saw her thin stiletto heels

And thoughts went round my mind like wheels


“Spring rain!” I smiled, instead of what

My mind thought, which was:Id-i-ot!

As she walked dainty by my side

And went on out to catch a ride


Image via shopflyjane.com
Image via shopflyjane.com


She grumped and sighed and made a pout

At weather we’d been warned about

She looked down at her thin wee dress

About to turn a soggy mess


She looked down at her silly heels

That would have paid for many meals

And turned to me and fussed again

And said a rude thing ‘bout the rain

Thanks to: publicdomainpictures.net
Thanks to: publicdomainpictures.net


Perhaps my thoughts would have been kind

If she’d been humbler in her mind

About the wind and rain we faced

Instead of acting so disgraced


If she’d admitted her sheer folly

For dressing up like some vain dolly

This day when all the forecasts said

Take care outside or stay in bed


But as I stopped and hit “rewind”

The thought that came into my mind

Was that I should have been more bold

And said: “It’s spring! Expect the cold


“Expect the wind and rain and fog

And dress for it; you’re just a cog

In Nature’s wheel, so take a pill

And dress yourself to meet the chill!”


Image via: dailyregiment.blogspot.ca
Image thanks to: dailyregiment.blogspot.ca


But then I had an awful thought:

Were there times when I too had bought

Such crazy stuff to wear outside

And then blamed weather, not my pride?


Back when I had more cash than brain

Did I throw money down the drain

On things that mattered not a whit

Back then – was I, too, such a twit?


Back when I was a TV ‘star’

And thought that I had come so far

And had to look and dress the part

So this would set me well apart?


I felt a twinge of something then

At how judgmental I had been

How quick I’d been to so opine!

And took some water with my wine.


34 thoughts on “Stiletto Heels”

  1. Sometime in the distant past
    We’ve made our minds up way too fast
    Although later we may reconsider
    The earlier thoughts still cling like litter.
    Why do wrong thoughts seem to last?

  2. Your poem, Cynthia, tells us that we should not criticize too quickly and remember that we too have sometimes behaved inappropriately. It is wisdom.
    Love ❤

  3. Yes, once upon a time! I’ve come to admire clothing I would not wear–and to screen the questions I want to ask–like “Aren’t you freezing?” Who was it who said there is no bad weather, only the wrong clothes”?

  4. What fun Cynthia. I have never understood why people would cram their poor feet into something so utterly ridiculous in the name of fashion. It reminds me of the old Chinese custom of foot binding which left girls unable to walk properly.

  5. Sometimes people’s choices make you wonder, but maybe the heels gave her confidence. I recently wore Spanx to give me some confidence and now I’m thinking maybe a baggier dress would do.

  6. Like that. It’s a great sentiment. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. We ask stuff up from time to time. I was thinking that on Saturday as I was driving in the car. We never know what the people around us are carrying that might make them act the way they do.



  7. Clever, funny and well ‘ the moral of the ditty is, don’t be too swift to judge’. Love it.

  8. What a DELIGHTFUL way to tell a tale and make a warning with moral ambiguity. I suppose we shouldn’t judge, but you allowed yourself to have fun while coming to that conclusion. 🙂

  9. There’s still something to be said for practicality and planning ahead … check the weather – hello! Carry the stilettos, and put on one’s running shoes until arrival at one’s destination – shoot – we have been doing that since the 80’s!!

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