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Raptor Foot & the Nail Salon

On Father’s Day, younger daughter and son-in-law gave my husband a gift: they took him to the nail salon for a pedicure and invited me along.

It was a rare treat for us both.

Blog Photo - Nail Salon - Pedicure

The men bravely entered the salon full of women. They had their limits, though, refusing to get their nails painted, though I did suggest it.

Everything went well till it was time to leave. My nails seemed dry and I asked if I could put my shoes back on.

“No!” the attendant replied, shocked. “You have to put on your sandals!”

Sandals? “I have no sandals!”

Blog Photo - Cynthia at Nail salon - green slipper on foot

“Then you have to wear those things out to the car, Mum,” daughter interjected. “You can’t put on your shoes!”

“I am NOT wearing these strange-looking green things on the street! Why didn’t you tell me to wear sandals?”

“I thought you knew, Mum!”

“How on earth would I know?” I wailed.ย 

Oh, Mum,” she said, before bursting into laughter.

Turning to each woman and one girl in the room, I asked: “Did you bring sandals?”

Everyone said “Yes”.ย  I was the only one who didn’t know the rituals.

Blog Photo - Cynthia at Nail salon 1

I hung my head in shame.

Then I looked up to accuse them: “One of you could have at least said ‘No!'”

To which they only laughed harder.

My son-in-law tried to hide his amusement, but daughter and her father seemed unable to stop laughing out loud. Worse, husband called me “Raptor Foot” because of the strange salon slippers I now had to wear in public.

Blog Photo - Cynthia at Nail salon - in salon slippers

But then he sent me this video, which celebrates the Toronto Raptor’s big win with a dance named Raptor Foot, so I forgave him.ย



34 thoughts on “Raptor Foot & the Nail Salon”

  1. Hahahaha. How cute are u! And so on point with โ€˜Raptor Footโ€™. WE THE NORTH ๐Ÿ˜˜

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  2. Lol. But your nails look wonderful, you were a really good sport about it all, and you are ready for your own sandals! Wonderful gift and their goal accomplished! You are now a trendy โ€œraptor foot.โ€

  3. I loved that song, Cynthia!:0)). Your pedicure is lovely and for what it’s worth (never having had a pedicure involving toenail painting), I would not have known either! Very funny!

  4. This cracked me up–when my husband was scheduled for ankle surgery a few months ago, I wanted him to get a pedicure since he’d have trouble dealing with his feet, post surgery. I’d never had a pedicure either but went with him and we had them together, side by side! He got teased, too, about polish, but he loved the whole thing! We were spared the funny flip flops, though!

  5. You do have beautiful feet, Cynthia! I have never had a pedicure or a manicure and wouldn’t have known about the sandals, either. What a lovely gift for Father’s Day!

  6. This sounds like a wonderful day out with family, Cynthia! Like Clare, I have never had a pedicure or manicure and wouldn’t have known about bringing sandals either. ๐Ÿ™‚

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