A Good Home

Colin and Justin

In 2013, Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan made me cry.

And then they made my husband cry.

But our whole family loved them for it.

colin and justin

I had followed their writing and TV shows: they are brilliant designers. But they didn’t know me.  How surprising then, that  Colin and Justin should have done something special for my first book that helped launch my career as an author.

It happened at a time when I was coping with serious injuries from a car accident and had lost all self-confidence.  Gone were the days of being a high-flying TV exec, of heading up big projects, of knowing my own strength.

Now, I badly needed to believe in myself. The book I’d been writing over twenty-plus years was about to be published.

Colin and Justin’s support, and that of other readers and reviewers, made an impact. On me, and on the book-reading public.

Book Cover - A Good Home

A Good Home became both critically acclaimed and a bestseller.

In the years since then, I continued to follow Colin and Justin’s projects, cheering them on when they launched a new TV show and an excellent home accessories line.

Blog Photo - colin and Justins Log Cabin

Occasionally, I dropped them a note. But I still never met them.

Yesterday, an appointment fell through. I ended up strolling through a nearby store, delaying the long drive back home.

I looked up at two men and recognized them instantly.

With several books to my credit, I once again know what it’s like to have fans; I know what it’s like to be approached by strangers. But no fan could have behaved as bizarrely as I did yesterday. 

I think I yelled something like “Colin and Justin! It’s me, Cynthia Reyes!”

And then I hugged them. 

They probably should have called store security.

But Colin and Justin hugged me back as if deranged women with windswept hair, absolutely no makeup — and no attempt at coolness —  attacked them in stores every day.  

Blog Photo - CR with Colin and Justin

They asked about my writing, and whether their support had helped. I was so proud to tell them that it had. 

If you look at the back cover of my first book, A Good Home, you’ll see a lovely testimonial from Colin and Justin. But if you want to know the full story, and why my family and I are so grateful to these two men, please read this:


Thanks again, Colin and Justin. For your brilliant designs. For being kind to a stranger. And for being you.

32 thoughts on “Colin and Justin”

  1. It was our pleasure to meet you! And we wish you continued success and more fabulous books! We were glad to see that your injuries have not stopped you chasing the dream you so richly deserve. Here’s to love, laughter and health in the coming years, Colin and Justin xx

  2. I love the backstory and their heartwarming review Cynthia. Even more, I love the reminder of how special you are. You have a gift for weaving stories of heart, home, and family, which your physical challenges have only heightened. Kudos my friend.

  3. Sometimes we are lucky and meet our heroes in real life. If we’re even luckier, they still retain that status after we meet them. Count me lucky. 🙂

  4. Their words would have made me cry too. Great that you were finally able to meet them and they followed up with a comment your blog!

  5. That’s fantastic! Universe always sends you people who can make your life better.
    I haven’t read your book, unfortunately, but I will if I see it in some store that resells books. The Indigo is just abnormally expensive. I bought a few, but that was so much money that I am now shopping for books only at charity stores. When one reads a book a night, they must come at some reasonable amount.
    Your book must be good, so, I think it’s unlikely to find it that easy.

  6. It doesn’t get any better than that, Cynthia. I’m green with jealousy! I remember when Ben Coes reached out to me–a favorite thriller author. Good grief! Me? Me!

  7. This is a spontaneous friendship, Cynthia . Those home designers have loved your book “the good home” and brought their testimonial. But those billant designers have also a heart , They are humane . Your story is very edificant, Cynthia .
    Love ❤

  8. Ahhh – there’s nothing quite like a dyed-in-the-wool-fan. And after the amazing review they had written for your book, how could you not fling yourself at them when you saw them? Good job! I say. 🙂

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