A Good Home

Follow the Garden Path…

Blog Photo - Garden Path and Greenery

…and you may encounter a Purple Turtle…. just published…..

Book Cover - Myrtle Makes a New Friend - Front and Back coverspread

…or a gardening memoir, to be published later this year. Details coming soon.

Blog Photo - Garden Path and Hostas 2

Blog Photo - Garden path CU of path into the woodlands

Thanks to Lauren and Jo, and to Hamlin and Clif, for their key creative roles in these undertakings.

It may be possible to create a book alone, but I would not want to even try!


51 thoughts on “Follow the Garden Path…”

    1. Thanks, Lisa. I must admit that the story itself is all Lauren’s, but I did much of the writing. She, Jo and I all loved this story (and Felix the fox) immediately!

  1. Holy cats, Cynthia! I, of course, knew about the new gardening book. (What a beauty! Looking forward to buying copies for myself and for friends.) But I didn’t know about the new Myrtle book. Congrats, congrats!

  2. Congratulations to you, Lauren and Jo on publishing another Myrtle book, and I look forward to your upcoming gardening memoir, Cynthia! I have bookmarked the link to Myrtle’s new book on Amazon.

    1. Thanks so much, Lavinia! It’s a busy time, and as you know, our church always has a book blessing as the first event in the launch of my book books. I just realized the date is pretty soon, so a bit nervous now!

  3. Hurray! New books, and one another Myrtle adventure! Congratulations, Cynthia – seems you’ve been working away and we’re the better for it.

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