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Her Royal Purpleness

You just never know what Myrtle’s biggest fan in New Zealand will do when a new Myrtle book comes out. She has been known to paint her nails purple, don purple clothes, and now she seems to be choosing purple jewellry or something.

Blog Photo - Myrtle Fan and her Purples

As I said, I never know. But I read her blog this morning, and am intrigued to see what comes next. Please click on the link below.


14 thoughts on “Her Royal Purpleness”

  1. Hmmm … well, I went to your NZ friend’s post, and there she asked for an opinion on some earrings. But best I could tell, there was no way to answer her! (Not that this isn’t far beyond the timeframe needed anyway.) However. should she check here? I like the ones that look like Yin and Yang. 🙂 And Myrtle marches on …

  2. It is good to see Gallivanta back again, and wearing lots of purple, no less!

    I just purchased the latest Myrtle book today. I am looking forward to seeing many more in this series, Cynthia. We need more good news down here. 🙂

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