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From the Bookshelf: Twigs in my Hair, A Gardening Memoir, by Cynthia Reyes


A common Post-Enlightenment concept is that occupations have an art and science to them.  As a therapist, sometimes I approach an intervention from the science side, using the concept of evidence-based practice to guide the rehabilitation process.  Biological, neurological, or psychological theories set the pace of therapy.  At other times, I rely on the art of practice, usually when it comes to engaging and motivating a client to utilize the science.  I view gardening much the same way.  Ask me about soil health and I’ll give your two hour lecture on the benefits of fungus.  Then again, don’t ask me.  Let just take a stroll in the garden, enjoy the view, and I’ll show you some really cool mushrooms along the way.  That is the art of gardening.

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20 thoughts on “From the Bookshelf: Twigs in my Hair, A Gardening Memoir, by Cynthia Reyes”

  1. I knew I had written about rock walls some time ago. Here is the link.:


    Now back to any neighbor who might accuse me of stealing their rocks. I would gladly invite them to point out which ones. Then I would offer to haul them back & drop them in the ditch from which I cleared them. Would they like me to return the leaves too? Most folks know around her to not challenge me. Happy gardening. Thanks for the re-blog too. Many nice folks coming around. -Oscar

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