A Good Home, First snowfall

An Early Winter

Nobody I know was ready for this year’s first snowfall.

Yes, we are Canadians, but recent years have spoiled us: we got used to first snowfall in December — even late December. 

Blog Photo - autumn - trees on N Road

So we were cruising along, still high on the beautiful late autumn weather when – wham! Last Monday, we got several inches of the white stuff.

Pretty, unless you have to drive in it.  And therein lay the rub: most drivers I know had not replaced summer tires with winter ones. I plead guilty.

Blog Photo - Garden in winter - snowy walls and trees

These are wintry garden scenes from much of last week. 

Blog Photo - Garden in Winter - Snowy branch

Blog Photo - Garden in Winter - snowy tree and walls

It’s not that I hate winter. I know we need it. It’s just that I don’t like driving or walking on snow and ice. 

And that sounds unCanadian, I know.


15 thoughts on “An Early Winter”

  1. I agree this has all started far too early! And I am not crazy about walking in snow and ice either, but as these photos prove, winter can be beautiful. There is something unique and inviting about stepping into the freshness and the silence of a winter’s morning.
    There! That’s my attempt at being positively Canadian about this winter thing!

  2. Cynthia, We got our snow tires on Tuesday. My husband got up before 5 and headed to the shop where he was second in line to have our tires installed. Winter in Canada? Ba hum bug

  3. As a Mainer, I know just how you feel. Snow is a fact of life for us, but the older Clif and I get, the less we like driving in it. Fortunately, we don’t have to anymore. Still it is beautiful…as long as you are in your snug, cozy home.

  4. Thanks for sharing the beautiful scenes. We rarely get snow anymore so I miss and enjoy it when it happens. And I’m sure I would get tired of the snow or at least the cold and driving on it. Keep warm and safe Cynthia. 🙂

  5. Lovely winter scenes. BUT way too early. I have never felt this cold in February as I do now. Why? Yes, way too early. Be warm, be safe and get those winter tires on.

  6. The golding followed by Old Man Winter, so soon! I am hoping we do not see snow down here in my part of western Oregon, but I think we will. December can wield a heavy hand some years. It is beautiful, but treacherous.

  7. So sorry for your early winter but you garden is lovely even in snow! Stay safe driving and walking in the snow. Winter came a bit early for us too but no snow or ice on the coast and it has warmed up to 89 degrees.

  8. Beautiful, Cynthia but lethal in summer tyres! I hope you managed to have them changed. In England the country grinds to a halt with only a few centimetres of snow – snow tyres are unheard of and roads turn to slush! Keep safe, my friend and may the snow not last too long! hugs x

  9. I can relate to this post having lived so many years in New England. I think we all wanted a dusting on Christmas Eve and day because it makes everything so pretty but certainly not before. Too many errands to run to be out on the snowy roads.

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