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Days Like Today…

My queendom for red bee balm blooms today!

Blog Photo - Garden - Bee Balm Splendour
Photo Credit: H. Grange

It’s one of those grey winter days here in my part of Canada. If this keeps up, I shall have to write a soliloquy to A Grey Day in Winter.

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this picture by Hamlin Grange.

I hope my blogger friends are having a good day, no matter what the weather.



33 thoughts on “Days Like Today…”

  1. That is beautiful. I agree with Laurie Graves comment. And our weather is going to drive us all batty. It is bitter, then snows. The sun comes out briefly and it goes up in the mid 50’s f, then gray and rain, more snow, more cold. It is absolutely frenetic.

    1. Reminds me of Robert Frost’s poem: “The sun was warm but the wind was chill. You know how it is with an April day. When the sun is out and the wind is still, You’re one month on in the middle of May.”

  2. That is a beautiful red bee balm photo from Hamlin, Cynthia, the flower version of seeing a cardinal in winter!

    It is a grey day here, but spring is coming early where I am. Trees have already started blooming in the lower elevations and valley floor, and the grass has been mowed once already. That doesn’t mean its warm, but warm enough that spring is breaking down the gate and raising the green things from their slumber. 🙂

    1. That sounds lovely, Lavinia. I can’t imagine the grass being mowed once already. I like the idea of Spring breaking down the gate. could you tell spring to bear us in mind too?

  3. What a beautiful picture, Cynthia! Hamlin is such a good photographer! My day has been busy and productive but quite pleasant, thank you. The wind outside has dropped and is just breezy and cold. After early rain showers the day is ending with sunshine and pink clouds; very lovely!
    I hope the rest of your day goes well, my friend!

  4. It is gray and rainy here today too which always makes me feel tired. I’m not sure I can be any more tired caring for 4, 2 and 9 month old girls along with my own children but it’s sure making me feel like I can be. The pop of red and beautiful picture is a reminder of spring coming soon. Hope you are well my friend!!

      1. Oh, that is funny – I was kicked off a Florida Facebook page for posting the pictures as the Roseapple is considered invasive in some places. I have seen a grand total of one.

  5. Thank you Cynthia and Hamlin for this bright red balm. 🙂 We had a touch of welcome rain, a beautiful rainbow, and now a colourful sunset, leading into a tranquil evening.

  6. In Central Virginia, it was a beautiful day in the mid-50s. Cherry trees have begun to bloom. Many trees have started to leaf. Today it is rainy and feels chiller than the mid-50s the thermometer reads. A good day to wear fleece and drink hot chocolate. I voted today so at least I did something I hope will help our poor nation improve.

  7. We have lots of bee balm – the purplish red variety ‘Raspberry Wine’. Of course once you plant a little bee balm , you will soon have lots. But it’s hard to beat that rich red color.

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