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Gardening Scenes To Uplift

My favourite moments are my granddaughter’s smile and the sound of my family members’ voices here beside me or on the phone. Joy is made up of such things.

And when I open the back door and look out at the garden, I know that the trees will get their leaves within weeks and the flowers will bloom.

Our lives are made up of moments of fear and uncertainty, yes, but also many moments of joy and certainties. 

Blog Photo - Spring Rodos2
Blog Photo - Trillum Group

Sharing some favourite garden scenes to uplift you and me too.  Not the best composed photos, but reminders of lovely moments in Spring and early Summer.

Blog Photo - Garden and pot and chair

Blog Photo - Garden Mug on Chair

Blog Photo - Garden - Blue Pot and hosta and flagstone

TWIGS Cover2

Blog Photo - Spring Trees and Flowers

Stay safe, everyone. And seize joy! 




25 thoughts on “Gardening Scenes To Uplift”

  1. Thank you, Cynthia – this is certainly a reminder that better times are around the corner – such lovely garden views. (Of course, you had me at the coffee mug! LOL) Take care – as always. Jeanne

  2. Thanks for sharing this, Cynthia. We never have to look far to find the simple pleasures that translate into moments of joy. Perhaps this enforced distancing will help us see all those pleasures that surround us and have them transformed into moments of joy.

  3. Beautiful images of your garden. And I like that thought to of seizing joy. Stay safe and well too Cynthia

  4. I enjoyed your uplifting photos, Cynthia! Spring will come to your area soon.

    Our new strawberry plants arrived in the mail today. I have work to do this afternoon. 🙂

  5. Thank you for this tour. I have trillium envy. We have had a heat-wave here and I have gardened non stop. This is definitely the best (temporary) distractor to world events. Thank you. Keep safe and well.

  6. Trillium has always been one of my favorites, and we don’t have any around this house. But the daffodils are in bloom now, and the forsythia too. Soon they will be brightening up your world too. There is always beauty to take joy in…. lovely photos. Thank you.

  7. Oh, the chaos and uncertainty of the work week at the moment! So glad to be off for a couple of days, reading, writing, walking Bella and Tippy, and preparing the garden for Spring. – Oscar

  8. Lovely photos! Near where I used to live in Sault Ste. Marie, MI, we had a different type of trillium…nodding, I believe they were called. The blooms weren’t as showy as yours, since they hid a bit underneath the leaves and hung down, more. Rather mysterious and fun to find in the woods near my home, finally creeping into our yard!

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