A Good Home, Spring

Salmon Going Upstream

Since we are all self-isolating, the biggest excitement around here this weekend was watching the salmon go up the stream to spawn, as they do every spring.

They are swimming against the current and it forces them back, but they keep trying. Once in a while, you can see them jump above the obstacles in the water and the stream bed.

A cell phone was used to record this (so not the greatest pix) but you can see the darkish shadows of the salmon in the water.  Look closely to the left of the island, middle of the frame. 

A pair of mallards also made their annual springtime return to the stream.

A delight!

I hope you’re staying safe and well.



35 thoughts on “Salmon Going Upstream”

  1. I love the video of the salmon and mallards, Cynthia! Living near a salmon run is a treat!

    All is still well here, and the sun has broken through late afternoon clouds.

  2. And life goes on. When I go outside I find encouragement to see the birds and animals continuing on. The birds at our birdfeeder are not practicing social distancing. It makes me smile.

  3. I keep thinking about how beautiful the world still is in spite of the unseen enemy we are all fighting. This is just one example of the wonders around us. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. Yes. The stream is at the bottom of a short hill below our garden, and I have been yearning to see the salmon so I walked further along the other homes here and saw them without slipping downhill!

  4. How lovely to witness the salmon heading for it’s spawning ground. Stay safe and well Cynthia

      1. We used to have. Last year the pond got so dry that there was only a few inches of water left at one end. The fish usually spend the winter down at the bottom of the pond in the mud and only start to rise and swim in the warmer spring months. We should know very soon if any fish survived.

      2. I hope they do. Ponds and streams always surprise me when they go dry. One year, we could see almost every stone in the stream bed. A shock — it’s a very vigorous stream.

    1. Thanks, Hilary. I did something wrong that first time, so it wasn’t your system — unless you are referring to my brains as the “ancient operating system”, which would be correct!

  5. A very nice reminder that nature continues its rituals even as we are isolated indoors. Thanks for sharing.

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