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Annette Pateman’s Virtual Book Launch

With public launches suspended during the pandemic, more authors have taken to launching their books online.  Poet Annette Pateman is one of them.

On Tuesday she launched her new book, Spectrum, online from her home:

“We are in a global pandemic and we are all experiencing life at a different angle. So I focussed on enjoying the performance and bringing positive energy to it.  What I enjoyed most was the sense of sharing my stories with the public.”

Annette, born and raised in London, England, now lives and writes in Thunder Bay, one of northern Ontario’s most beautiful cities.

“I moved to Thunder Bay when my husband got a job here. I have been writing for years but moving to Canada has increased my interest and dedication. 

“My own background is in education as a trained science teacher. I worked in high schools for several years in the UK. I have also worked in community diversity work both here and in the UK.”

Blog Photo - Annette with Book

Annette was pleased to learn that the local library was planning to give online space to authors.  She prepared the instruments – a drum, tambourine and maracas — and selected an area of her house as a backdrop. She then set up her camera.

“It was a little disconcerting to perform my poems to a camera without an audience and no-one else in the house at the time.  However, I really enjoyed it. The sun was shining that day, which was uplifting, and the use of percussion instruments always anchors me in the performance of my work.”

The poems Annette read at her launch are all the more impactful because she’s an excellent performer who easily switches between a British accent and a Jamaican one, depending on the poem. (Her parents are Jamaican-born, and some of her poetry expresses her heritage.)

Her local library helped by distributing the video Live on Facebook:

And her favourite poem in Spectrum?

My favourite poem is ‘The Letter’ on page 45.  This is because it is based on the immigration story, from Jamaica to the UK, of my parents.  My mother received a letter from my father, who was already living in the UK in the 1960s and she knew she was going to the UK.

“However, another woman was left behind in Jamaica. When I wrote the poem it was the voice of the woman who was left behind that came to me so I wrote it from that point of view. I didn’t know that it would become my favourite poem in the book but whenever I read it people seem to respond to it positively.

“The woman who was left behind was the mother of my older sister…..”

To buy a signed copy of Spectrum for $22 including postage, contact Annette at annettepateman@yahoo.co.uk 

Spectrum is also available at Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Spectrum-Annette-Pateman/dp/1714041549/

26 thoughts on “Annette Pateman’s Virtual Book Launch”

    1. hello Beth,
      I endeavour to tell more stories about identity and relationships and the natural world in the book. Thank you for your encouraging comment.

    1. Thanks, Brad. I like uplifting people who are following their passions and doing great things! Remember that it was individuals like you and many others who helped promote my own books.

  1. Good luck to Annette! Wonderful that her library is helping to promote her book. I, too, like her accents. The poem “The Letter” so perfectly captures those who are left behind. Usually, the stories revolve around those who have left.

  2. Like you, CynthiaI love how Annette shifts in and out of English and her Jamaican heritage in her performances. Thank you for introducing her to us.

    1. I am glad that you enjoyed the English and the Jamaican Patois.
      Thanks again to Cynthia for gifting me the space on her blog

    1. Hello Liz,
      Thank you for your encouraging comment.
      I had never considered which was my favourite poem until Cynthia asked me and it really made me think. I then quite quickly realised that this was the poem that people always mention and seem to like. After that my choice was easy.

  3. Thank you for the introduction to Annette Pateman and promoting her book, Cynthia! For some reason the link to her reading did not work for me, but I have bookmarked the link for Spectrum on Amazon.

    1. Hello Lavinia,
      I am sorry that the link didn’t work for you.
      The poetry launch can be viewed on the Thunder Bay Public Library Facebook page.
      I hope you are able to watch it. I would love to know if you are able to watch the video.

  4. Well done, Annette! Thank you so much Cynthia for the introduction to Annette and her writing. I really like these poems and love her use of her accents and the percussion instruments. What a wonderful performance!

    1. Hello Claire,

      Thank you for your encouragement regarding my poetry.
      I really like that you enjoyed my use of the percussion instruments
      during the performance poetry

      1. My pleasure, Annette. I have ordered your book and it arrived today. Unfortunately I will have to wait 48 hours while it waits in the garage until I can look at it!

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