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My Granddaughter and Me

Next week, my granddaughter turns 1 year old! I hope you will like these photos and reflection of a first-time grandmom. Thanks to the editors of The Journal in Time of Pandemic and Lockdown for including my post:

29 thoughts on “My Granddaughter and Me”

  1. She is a beautiful child, with loving parents and grandparents, and a good home. You are giving her the best start in life one could ever hope for, the one thing you can control. The rest is up to God. All we can do is pray. ❀

  2. Adorable grandchild, Cynthia! Although my eight are older, at ages 10-27, I share many of the same worries. There is only so much we can do, of course. Have faith and forge ahead, just as their parents are doing! Stay well and enjoy this time with her. It passes so quickly.

  3. Your granddaughter is so sweet 😊

    I hope you can live in the moment and enjoy her as she grows day by day. Who knows what the world will be like in the future but there will always be some good.

  4. Beautiful grand daughter. Beautiful, loving, protective grandmother we cannot control future events but we can fortify our babies with love, awareness and compassion then hope that they’ll be strong enough with, the help of God, to handle the rest with or without our support. Your beautiful granddaughter might one day help sort out some of the world’s issues, but right now she’s safe and loved in the arms of her loving family. Save the worry for tomorrow.

  5. I can’t believe your beautiful granddaughter is almost one already! Blessed be. And yes, let us hope that the younger generation will fare well in the world they must grow up in. I think every parent and grandparent worries for the same. πŸ™‚

  6. What a beautiful post, Cynthia. I’m a grandmother of one, who is now 7. They grow fast. It’s funny how many thoughts I share with you. Priorities change. Preserving the Earth, creating a kinder healthier society full of opportunity somehow become even more important because we’re looking into a future we can’t see. Your granddaughter is adorable. Enjoy every moment. A foundation of love is the most important thing you can give her for her future. ❀

  7. I can imagine your thoughts (and fears) as you are with your granddaughter. Although my children are still younger, I have found my thoughts wandering to the exact same ‘what ifs’ that you mention here, whenever I think about their future. I hope we manage to turn things around, at least like David Attenborough is encouraging us to do. I’m hopeful that there will always be kindness in the world, too. So hopefully all will not be lost! So happy for you to be able to spend such precious time with your granddaughter! πŸ™‚

  8. Oh my, Cynthia! I haven’t visited in so long and now you’re enjoying a grandchild! What a sweet picture – I’m assuming in your beautiful gardens. That’s a lucky grandchild, your family is beautiful, and I wish you great love and happiness!

  9. Happy birthday, Vivian! I can well understand your worries, Cynthia. What a mess we and past generations have made of this world and we are being so recalcitrant in doing anything about making good! However, there is wonderful work going on around the world and it is starting to make a difference. You and your family are doing the right thing. You are loving and caring and supportive of each other and your dear granddaughter will grow up in safety wearing the armour of love. Who knows what she will be and do? We have to pray and trust that this place we live in will continue to be a place of beauty and diversity. That sooner rather than later, people will realise that we have been put here as custodians and not pillagers, that we must all work together no matter what we are, what we do, what we look like, what we’ve done. Every little thing that we do for good makes a difference and above all, love; disinterested, ‘giving’ love is the answer.

    1. Thanks very much for your response, Clare It’s kind and thoughtful advice and well-stated. I wish we all practised the “giving, disinterested love” that you mention. I echo your words that we were put here as custodians and not pillagers; that we need to work together no matter who we are.

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