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Scenes from a Forest in Autumn

There’s no better time for a walk in a Canadian forest than autumn. Hamlin Grange, whose gorgeous photos of nature and gardens grace the pages of Twigs in My Hair, shares these pictures of a recent walk in the woods.

Photos may not be used without his written permission.

Most of the trees here are maples – of course! The maple leaf is the symbol on our national flag, we get delicious syrup from the sugar maple, and we use maple wood in furniture and flooring.

You’ll find a few birches, poplars and other kinds of trees in these woods too – the kind whose bark is best for carving initials and love notes.

But through slopes and gullies, by rocks or roots, maples abound.

24 thoughts on “Scenes from a Forest in Autumn”

  1. A maple forest is a beautiful, magical place, especially in autumn. Filtered angled light, fiery colors, and the crunching sound of footsteps stirring up the sweet scent of the season’s spent leaves on the forest floor. I thoroughly enjoyed all these photos, Cynthia and Hamlin!

    1. We’re so glad, Lavinia! Hamlin has many evocative images from that walk. We chose those photos to allow the reader/viewer to experience the forest, rather than being told about it. From your beautiful response, it worked! Thank you!

    1. I’m so glad. I felt much the same and deliberately kept the text minimal, so the viewer could see and imagine her/himself in the forest — seeing, hearing, smelling, experiencing.

  2. I used to wallow in the fallen leaves using the kids as excuse to take delight in the scent and the pure joy of being. Thanks for bringing back those wonderful memories in this post.

  3. Ahh… Such colors! I especially liked the photo of brilliant leaves covering the forest floor ANd the photo of tree roots (all connecting tree to tree…) Hurrah for forest bathing!

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