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Autumnal Tasks

Just came across this fun nonsense poem and I love it so much, I’m sharing it!

Cynthia Reyes

Autumn is here, rustling all of the leaves

Soon ’twill be time to take care of the eaves

Last time we didn’t, we paid a big price

The eavestroughs were clogged, a magnet for ice


And speaking of leaves, I’ve had cause to wonder

Why don’t they stay near their trees over yonder?

Why does the wind blow them into our place

Why, when around them is so much free space?

Photo by Hamlin Grange

And speaking of wind, there’s a shutter gone loose

Far up near the roof, nearly high as the spruce

And if it should fall, it may land on our heads

Or just fly away as we sleep in our beds


And speaking of beds, there’s the garden to tend

And errors we really must hasten to mend

Those wild strangling vines and the tough creeping Jenny

You put up with one and you end up with many.

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20 thoughts on “Autumnal Tasks”

  1. I enjoyed your lighthearted autumnal poetical musings, Cynthia. It was just what I needed today! Yes, this time of year is every bit as busy as spring. I am still way behind on autumn chores down here. 🙂

  2. First-time visitor. Thanks for the light-hearted view of autumn – well, and the work that goes with it. Before moving to a condo, my leaf season work was a 6-8 week ordeal. Seeing this is early November, I know I would have 4-5 weeks to go.

  3. Autumn certainly comes with its chores. Putting fall tasks in a poetic frame looks good.
    I just took off some last plants yesterday. I still have fresh tomatoes and Bell peppers. I think you posted also making preserves for winter. I did some, too. Got short of jars.
    I hope you are safe and everything is fine at your place!

  4. The wind storm, following Hurricane Eta, blew all the leaves off from our trees (as well as bringing 4 trees down along our road). Winter is here. Happy Thanksgiving – Oscar

    1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Oscar! We Canadians have ours in early October but we have many friends like you in the US and tons of relatives celebrating Thanksgiving today. Stay safe and well and enjoy dinner.

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