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On the 4th day of Christmas…

Although my family focuses most on Christmas Day itself, Christmas, the season, starts on December 25.  It continues for 12 days till  sunset on January 5th.

So, in the spirit of celebrating the 12 days of Christmas, I share my harrowing search for the perfect Christmas tree. It’s the first in a series of Christmas poems and stories aired on 89.7 FM in Northumberland County, Ontario recently:

Stay safe and well, my friends!


19 thoughts on “On the 4th day of Christmas…”

  1. It was great to hear your voice Cynthia, not too different to how I imagined you to sound! You have a good sense of humour about your Christmas misadventures, which is always a good thing 🙂

  2. What kind of memories would we have to reflect on at Christmas time if we didn’t have moments and experiences like these to make us smile and learn from. We have similar Christmas tree stories, such as learning the hard way that if you need to cut a foot off your tree so it fits in the living room…cut from the bottom!!!

    Nicely done, Cynthia!


  3. Hope you had lovely Christmas Cynthia (despite your harrowing search for the perfect Tree). And you enjoy the rest of the Christmas days.

  4. I hope you’ve recovered from the Christmas tree traumas Cynthia! I loved hearing your voice, accent, and humor. Kudos on being a good sport about it all. May this be a season of love, healing, and laughing…🎄

  5. I enjoyed listening to your story of seeking out the perfect Christmas tree (after the naughty doggie misadventures). Growing up, my family was of the Charlie Brown Christmas tree–but it was always beautiful in our eyes.

  6. It was fun to hear your Christmas tree story.
    Your kind and warm-hearted humour is a nice reminder to not take things too seriously.
    Thank you Cynthia💕

  7. Loved the vision of the dog stealing your Christmas feast, Cynthia. Immediately made me think of A Christmas Story. Thanks for the laughs in sharing our misadventures. 🙂 –Curt

  8. How nice to be read to by you, Cynthia! Such great visuals dragging your tree up that hill. Well, at least your dog had a good time!! Happy New Year to you, Hamlin, and your family.

  9. I hope you had good Christmas!
    I still have the tree, it’s beautiful, we always get the real tree, go to places where we can cut it.
    January 8th was Christmas for the Orthodox Christian community, probably today is their first Christmas. When I lived in Latvia, Russian people always celebrated Christmas in January. So, it’s a double celebration.
    The tree is simply too beautiful to take it off. Well, I’ ll do that tomorrow probably.
    I like how peaceful everything is. I was sitting outside last night, and the silence was so deep that you could hear stars in the universe.
    I hope your year has started on a good note.

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