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Miss Marnie Reads Myrtle

What a delight to stumble across a reading of Myrtle the Purple Turtle by Teacher Marnie in Idaho.   She does a great job of the reading!  (I’ve just discovered that some people can access the link and some can’t – not sure why. You may need to click it twice.)

We know there are other teachers who have read this book (and the others in the series) to their classes but this is the first one we’ve actually seen on video! 

Wishing you all a lovely week.


26 thoughts on “Miss Marnie Reads Myrtle”

  1. What a fabulous teacher to have found your Myrtle the Purple Turtle and use it in her class. I love the way she ends saying we are all different and therefore special. Lucky kids!

  2. Cynthia, even with all cookies enabled I am not finding anything to click on for the video of the reading, but I am glad to see Myrtle is on the job of educating the young. She is an exceptional turtle!

  3. I enjoyed watching the video of Marnie reading Myrtle the Turtle. I’m so glad I got to experience your book! Children must love its message of acceptance and the wonderful illustrations.

  4. Hi Cynthia

    What a great job that teacher did with your book.   I found myself watching and listening to the whole thing and really enjoyed it! Great book and great reader!  Love LindaWe really miss you guys, hope all is well, and you are all staying safe and healthy

  5. That’s awesome! I bet it was a real buzz watching it too. I have some audiobooks of my stuff now and listening to them still blows my mind! Congratulations. It’s just lovely.



      1. Pretty much anywhere although the royalty Gareth and I get varies hugely. It’s about 6% each on audible. Many libraries will get them for you if you ask. The royalties vary on those. We get and 20-25% each on Kobo, Google play and iBooks of people but the right version. I also sell direct and we get about 45% each for those. There’s information about the books and links to buy here: https://www.hamgee.co.uk/audiobooks 🙂

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