A Good Home, Purple, Snow

Snow Time


I thought we had a lot of snow!

Blog Photo - Snow on bench 1

But then came more….

Blog Photo - Snow on bench 2

And more…

Blog Photo - Snow on wall

At least the temperatures here in our little valley are a bit milder today, but it’s still cold.  Of course, scenes like the one above are pretty to look at — from indoors.

And if one must venture outside, I have a gift from Angie and my friends at BOAA (who held the huge book signing in November for Myrtle).

So mittens, in purple and snow-white — and a card with purple iris — are very fitting, wouldn’t you say?

Blog Photo - Purple Gloves

A gift to warm the hands and heart…

Blog Photo - Purple Iris and Gloves

… No matter how cold it gets outside. Thank you, Angie and BOAA.

Hope your new year is off to a good start. And if you live in the frozen north, stay warm — or bundle up when outdoors!