A Good Home, Purple, Snow

Snow Time


I thought we had a lot of snow!

Blog Photo - Snow on bench 1

But then came more….

Blog Photo - Snow on bench 2

And more…

Blog Photo - Snow on wall

At least the temperatures here in our little valley are a bit milder today, but it’s still cold.  Of course, scenes like the one above are pretty to look at — from indoors.

And if one must venture outside, I have a gift from Angie and my friends at BOAA (who held the huge book signing in November for Myrtle).

So mittens, in purple and snow-white — and a card with purple iris — are very fitting, wouldn’t you say?

Blog Photo - Purple Gloves

A gift to warm the hands and heart…

Blog Photo - Purple Iris and Gloves

… No matter how cold it gets outside. Thank you, Angie and BOAA.

Hope your new year is off to a good start. And if you live in the frozen north, stay warm — or bundle up when outdoors!

56 thoughts on “Snow Time”

      1. Wow!! Thank you so much for saying so, Cynthia and can’t wait to hear your comments on the whole book. The paperback is out very soon…just received the print proofs and working through it.

      1. Yes, yes! Right back at you! And soon, I’ll be ordering Myrtle for a special little miss for a birthday present.

  1. I love looking at the snow too…from inside. After shoveling almost 6 ft of it, I moved to the area of the country that gets mostly rain. I don’t have to shovel it. Mittens are beautiful. Card of Iris’s too. Stay snug.

  2. We didn’t have a lot – maybe 3 – 4″, which was a blessing, but not as long as I’ve lived out this way do I recall waking to temps of minus 4 degrees!! All I kept thinking was `can furnaces really keep running like this?’ I guess so, because here I am to tell the tale. Lovely mittens!!

  3. It is so beautiful and I can handle cold but frigid after many days starts to wear me down. Thankful for the little break we are having here until this weekend and we are back into single digits. What a thoughtful gift you received. Stay warm!

    1. Back into single digits! I’ve heard that forecast too. So I decided to be very thankful for sunshine and “milder cold” temperatures today. Happy new year to you and the family, Tina! You’re a gem.

  4. Sending you warm, colorful wishes to match your lovely mittens, Cynthia. < 3 After a brief few days above freezing here, the temperatures are plunging again. (Some local newscasters blame Canada for our cold weather. 🙂 )

  5. The snow is beautiful, Cynthia, but I also love those gloves and purple irises!

    The east coast and Canada had more than its share of snow and cold temperatures. We were spared the polar vortex this year, and it was a relatively warm finish to December and start to January in my region.

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