A Good Home


Written by Lauren Reyes-Grange and me, in a fit of stay-at-home induced madness. Our apologies for breaking all the rules of verse: 


This stay at home thing and the boredom it brings

Could make a sane gal a real misfit

I like my home, don’t get me wrong 

But I’d like a brief chance to miss it.

Blog Photo - Baby story tidy living room

I know it is right, it’s a mighty big fight

To flatten the curve we are facing

So, home we will stay, keep Covid at bay

And practicing 6-feet of spacing.


I’ve never “spring cleaned” so completely

Or folded my laundry so neatly

We must sound like a family of bores

Fighting over who gets to clean the floors. 


Days stuck at home could make you rant 

While wearing elastic-waist pants

20 days now since I last wore my jeans 

Maybe things aren’t as bad as they seem.


Yes, there’s cooking, there’s baking, 

There are crafts to be making

And the following day 

There are leaves to be raking.

Blog Photo - Garden early Spring - leaves on bed

Now as the days blur into nights,

And the nights turn back into days 

Our home looks littered with now-empty boxes

Of all the snacks we have grazed. 


But let’s say thanks for “at home” time gained 

Knowing that many aren’t so lucky

Their work is essential, and they can’t complain

Even days when they’re not feeling plucky


God bless all of the frontline workers 

And all of the work that they do

Please keep them well, please keep them safe

In their efforts to see us all through.


We must do our part in this very great fight 

And while we might wish we could roam

Let’s pay with the small tasks to keep us alive

Social distance and staying at home.