A Good Home


Written by Lauren Reyes-Grange and me, in a fit of stay-at-home induced madness. Our apologies for breaking all the rules of verse: 


This stay at home thing and the boredom it brings

Could make a sane gal a real misfit

I like my home, don’t get me wrong 

But I’d like a brief chance to miss it.

Blog Photo - Baby story tidy living room

I know it is right, it’s a mighty big fight

To flatten the curve we are facing

So, home we will stay, keep Covid at bay

And practicing 6-feet of spacing.


I’ve never “spring cleaned” so completely

Or folded my laundry so neatly

We must sound like a family of bores

Fighting over who gets to clean the floors. 


Days stuck at home could make you rant 

While wearing elastic-waist pants

20 days now since I last wore my jeans 

Maybe things aren’t as bad as they seem.


Yes, there’s cooking, there’s baking, 

There are crafts to be making

And the following day 

There are leaves to be raking.

Blog Photo - Garden early Spring - leaves on bed

Now as the days blur into nights,

And the nights turn back into days 

Our home looks littered with now-empty boxes

Of all the snacks we have grazed. 


But let’s say thanks for “at home” time gained 

Knowing that many aren’t so lucky

Their work is essential, and they can’t complain

Even days when they’re not feeling plucky


God bless all of the frontline workers 

And all of the work that they do

Please keep them well, please keep them safe

In their efforts to see us all through.


We must do our part in this very great fight 

And while we might wish we could roam

Let’s pay with the small tasks to keep us alive

Social distance and staying at home. 

52 thoughts on “Quarantining”

    1. Thanks for sharing. A nice gesture in a bad situation. Italy has lost at least 71 doctors so far, with many, many more testing positive. It’s incredibly sad.

      1. 71! that is heart stopping and I have not heard that statistic. i have a blog friend in Italy, they have really closed it down. Praying that works for everyone.

      2. The Globe and Mail’s senior correspondent in Rome said that on CBC Radio and I was shocked! Italy at one point was my second home and I feel for the people there.

      3. Yes. And the journalist said one of Italy’s biggest problems was the people who are asymptomatic. Disease carriers in plain sight, infecting many others without knowing.

      4. It’s a shame so many have to die to wake people up to the cost of unfettered greed and uncaring attitudes to others less fortunate. We are all connected.

  1. Good to hear from you both, Cynthia and Lauren! It is getting harder for me to know what day of the week it is anymore.

    I did get all my new strawberry plants in to the garden safely tucked under a couple of mini-greenhouse enclosures. The fruit trees are slowly opening their blooms.

    1. Excellent. Over here, we lost track days ago. We go through bouts of trying to keep ourselves busy, making up crazy jokes and verses, and trying to not be frightened by the evolving news. The garden is a reprieve from it all. No wonder it was used to symbolize paradise in ancient texts.

  2. Thank you both. The birds woke me this morning! There is hope! Thank God for our modern day heroes – our front line workers of every ilk!

  3. In this crazy time breaking all the rules on verse seems appropriate. I’m going to share it with a group of my girlfriends, I know they will appreciate it as much as I did.

  4. A lovely thank you to all those frontline workers everywhere. And yes you are summing houses up world wide. Stay safe and well

  5. Loved the post, thank you. I’m on day 19 except for three trips to the grocery store with mask and gloves. Life as we all knew it has been cancelled until further notice. Here in NH, the current date is May 4, but I’m not holding my breath.

    1. My sister will sew some cotton masks as a donation to a local hospital. The strange thing is that I’ve been obsessing on my lost skill of sewing, and thinking of making masks. Then she tells me she will be. And I said, “It’s like how women used to knit socks for soldiers at war.”

  6. ‘Fighting over who gets to clean the floors’! Made me laugh😊. Sadly, no amount of social distancing has made my house any cleaner…

  7. Well done, you two! I can’t concentrate on anything much so writing verse is definitely out of the question! We are staying at home and being good. We are allowed an hour’s exercise away from home so we have had a couple of walks round the lanes but are mainly staying in the garden. There is plenty to do there. We have to go shopping once a week (we can’t get a delivery slot from any of the supermarkets) and then take groceries to my mother. We don’t look forward to it but it has to be done; I am so worried that I might infect my mother. It is her ninetieth birthday on the 17th April and we would have loved to have given her a special day.

    1. Happy birthday to your dear mother when it comes! I couldn’t write that crazy verse on my own: Lauren did most of it. As you know, mine tend to be extremely silly but I couldn’t even manage that. glad you are getting some exercise. In my post today, I mention going for a walk. Everyone is very polite, Canadian-style, and make a wide berth of each other. Also glad you are busy in the garden! Thank God for gardens. Stay safe, dear Clare. My best to Richard and the family.

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