A Good Home, Favourite Small Towns and Places

Charm Alert! Small Town Bowmanville

The small town of Bowmanville has been good to my books, but I visit as often as I can because I love this town.

Blog Photo - Bowmanville Main Street1

I don’t live there, but some of my favourite places and people do.

Blog Photo - Bowmanville Small House with Red Door

This includes:

*The people at what I have called “The friendliest centre I know in Canada: BOAA”. (An association for adults over 50, where friendly volunteers, members or staff greet you the moment you enter.)

Blog Photo - BOAA - Cynthia signs Book with volunteers

*The heritage district of gorgeous old homes with huge trees and lawns covered with blue Scilla in Spring

Blog Photo - Bowmanville House in Spring - with Blue Scilla lawn

Blog Photo - Bowmanville Large House with Stone wall

*The small stores and restaurants — some family-owned, even by the third-generation of local families — that line the streets.

Blog Photo - Bowmanville Main Street2

And my favourite store in all of Ontario: The Willow Branch.  

Blog Photo - the Willow Branch and Street

Owned by two sisters, Tammy and Rebecca, sometimes helped out by younger relatives.

You go into The Willow Branch expecting one thing, and you find a treasure-trove.

Blog Photo - The Willow Branch Display in window

It’s a gift store, a candle store, a what-wonderful-things-will-I-find-today kind of store.

Blog Photo - the Willow Branch display of succulents and candles etc

Blog Photo - The Willow Branch bags with quotes

Blog Photo - The Willow Branch Funny sign

The store’s contents reflect the seasons (and a sense of humour), though the florist shop at the back is always blooming.

Blog Photo - The Willow Branch - Flower bouquet

Blog Photo - The Willow Branch floral arrangement

Blog Photo - The Willow Branch - Rebecca at open Freezer

Blog Photo - The willow Branch - Rebecca1

Almost any gift you could need to buy for someone is here, whether it’s Summer outdoorsy or Autumny or Hallowe’eny stuff.

Or thick wool socks for the Canadian Winter, or something for the fireplace.

Blog Photo - The Willow Branch Northern comfort thick socks

Fun gifts for adults or children, male or female — it’s all there. (You’ll even find my Myrtle the Purple Turtle books there.)

And what else you’ll find, in great abundance?

Polite, friendly, helpful service.

Brava to Tammy and Rebecca!

Blog Photo - The Willow Branch front of store

The Willow Branch is located in the Heritage district on Bowmanville’s main street, at 77 King Street.