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A Summer of Great Reviews

What a precious gift from a reader to an author! Taking the time to buy, read and review their book.

My great thanks to:

Hilary Custance Green (UK), acclaimed author of Surviving the Death Railway and The Green Writing Room blog.  An Honest House was her companion during her own book tour:  


I loved Cynthia Reyes’s first Memoir  A Good Home, so I picked up the continuing story An Honest House in happy anticipation. This is a book with a perfect title and has been my companion during a more than hectic summer….                         Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 20.22.10

I laughed over the Valentine, I wept over Keats, I laughed over ‘a job that pays’. There are few easy-walking meadows in this story, because it is about the mountains and valleys. Among the things that struck me was Cynthia’s insistence on facing up to something we all know – it is never a good time for a difficult or dangerous conversation – and dealing with it so courageously….

Read More at:  https://greenwritingroom.com/2016/08/05/an-honest-house-and-an-albrizia/


Tina of Chase N Chance Ranch (USA), who took An Honest House along on her summer vacation:  


On our vacation I brought along the new book (An Honest House: A Memoir, Continued) of one of my favorite authors and bloggers, Cynthia Reyes.

Living on a small hobby farm, working part time, having two children who play multiple travel level sports, and trying to fit in a little me time is always a challenge.  I figured I would be able to get in at least a chapter or two while away for those 6 days.  After the third day, my family threatened to hide my book as I finished it and was starting it over again.  I did not want to put it down!!

 Read More at:  https://chasenchanceranch.wordpress.com/2016/07/26/book-suggestion/


Chip Barkel, realtor and writer (Canada), who made both A Good Home and An Honest House his summer picks:  


“Ambercroft Farm, the sign out front said. Hamlin was on a first name basis with the grand old farmhouse right from the start, calling it Ambercroft. For years, I didn’t call it anything at all. The tall, two-story Victorian house seemed sealed off from the rest of the neighbourhood. Within a solid wooden fence and gates, massive maples waved big leafy arms. Pines and dense blue-green spruces soared. A cedar hedge ran the length of the property on one side. This was a private place, sure of its personality and power.”


I often think as I walk through neighbourhoods that behind every shuttered window is a story. Often those stories are ones only the walls and maybe a few select people ever witness. For some a house is a sanctuary, but when life presents a crisis….

Read More at:  http://www.chipbarkel.com/blog/summer-reading-cynthia-reyess-good-home-honest-house/

Chip, Tina and Hilary: I thank you all. 

Note to Readers:

If you’ve recently read a book you like, especially one by a new or Indie author, would you please consider reviewing it online

55 thoughts on “A Summer of Great Reviews”

  1. Congrats Cynthia. I too was touched by your book, A Good Home. It gave such an honest and insightful review of your life and love for family, home and garden. It gave me a deeper appreciation for you and your amazing path. Thank you. I look forward to continuing the journey with An Honest House.

  2. Great reviews Cynthia and as I’ve said before, well deserved. I’m reading a series at the moment, and have already left two reviews, will be reviewing the rest of completion. Takes a lot to motivate me to write a review! Needs to be good. And, let’s be honest, people don’t really want negative ones.

    1. I hear you, K. That’s why I suggest reviewing a book a reader likes. I find those easier to write!
      At the same time, I always “thumb through” a book before I select it, so I know I will like the quality of the writing, and at least a couple more things about it — it won’t be all negative.

      1. Well I can do a mean nasty review if required 🙂 What I can’t do is mediocrity. I do tend to empathise with Indie writers and/or bloggers, but trad published authors get however I feel. I am up for all sorts of books but if I look at a preview and it’s full of errors … bleugh

      2. I can’t put up with a book that has many typos or other errors either. Many trad published authors have about 5 or 6 typos in their books, I noticed some time ago. But much more than that and I won’t read the book. It simply takes away from the book’s credibility and interferes with the reading experience too much.

      3. Exactly. You and I are on the same clean (?) page. Hamlin and you must have learned the same as journalists. Typos and errors = not good. In fact, very bad.

        I sent an email to one author. ‘Oh but I’m just learning.’ Uh? And you want people to pay for your learning? There is no polite answer to that. Another one, ‘Why do you hate me?’ Um. No. Your English and grammar and spelling are abysmal, before I even get into the monotonous story.
        I think I’m fair and honest. I’ve also got to think about my credibility. I’m not saying something is good when it isn’t. Misleading. Oh dear, too long 😀

  3. Cynthia, there’s no greater compliment than having a reader say they couldn’t put your book down. I giggled when the reviewer mentioned her family threatening to take your memoir away; I stayed up late reading both of your books too. Well done.
    Blessings ~ Wendy

  4. Those are great reviews Cynthia – congratulations!! I have set my book seller daughter on your trail and am hopeful of having two books in my hands by Christmas 🙂

    I also agree with the conversation earlier in the comments about the amount of errors in books – it is such poor form and insulting to the people who spend their money and show interest in the writer’s work. ! I have come across one that has so obviously not had even a cursory proof read ………… I do wonder why the writer feels it is okay to publish their work in such a state.

    1. That is a real downside of self-publishing, AND not using a skilled editor/proofreader. I strongly recommend getting an editor/proofreader, no matter how good the writer is. Thanks for intending to get my books. I appreciate that.

      1. I did take a three-months break at the beginning of the year, then came back to it slowly, don’t think I could have done it otherwise. 😊

  5. These are wonderful reviews Cynthia and so well deserved. I have enjoyed both your books very much and it is such a pleasure reading other peoples’ reactions to your writing and find that I agree with them wholeheartedly.

  6. These are all wonderful reviews, Cynthia! I, too, stayed up late reading ” A Good Home” and “An Honest House”. Your triumphs and tragedies, good times and hard times unfolded before my eyes, and I felt a warm connection to you and your family, and to your Jamaican and Canadian homelands. They became my homelands for the journey. Artress could have been my own grandmother. Both were very formidable women in their own way. Each was a Force of Nature. ” A Good Home” and “An Honest House” speak of all things home and family, love and friendship, pain and endurance, and finding the way forward to new life. I am still with you on that journey.

    1. Sometimes a response to a post is so moving, so beautiful, it goes straight to my heart and leaves me unable to reply for quite a while. This is one such. I’ll simply say: Thank you, Lavinia.

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