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Bloggers Helping Bloggers

It’s one of the big surprises of my writing life.

Discovering that becoming a blogger meant I was joining a worldwide community.  A community that cares, and helps.

I became a blogger because my daughters thought I needed to “get myself out there”. I was struggling with the effects of a head injury and damage to my body; I’d become ashamed of myself and extremely reclusive.

Blog Photo - Pink Phlox and Butterfly

Blogging helped pull me out of hiding by giving me pen-pals all over the world.  As I read their stories — or their comments on mine — we started getting to know and care about each other’s projects and well-being.  They inspired and uplifted me.

Bloggers also help each other in practical ways:

Tweeting: Some bloggers often/routinely retweet my (and others’) posts. Take a bow, Wendy MacDonald, Sally Cronin, Sarah Vernon, Tina Frisco, Annika Perry, D.G. Kaye and all of you who do this!

Reblogging: It’s a great compliment when followers reblog a post. Props to Sally Cronin; Chris (The StoryReadingApe); Marcia Meara;  Bernadette; and many others who do this routinely.

Blog Photo - Sally Cronin2
Sally Cronin

Helpful insights: Bloggers such as Gallivanta, Clare Pooley and Lavinia are likely to share a helpful insight, fact or contact in their comments. I always take note!

Writing Tips: Bloggers share tips to improve our writing — blogs or books. Props to Michael Dellert, Sue Uttendorfsky, and many others.

Connections: The best story I know is my own. Chris Graham connected me with Jo Robinson to illustrate Myrtle the Purple Turtle. A great partnership was born. I’ve been recommending Jo as an illustrator and editor ever since.

Author Services:  Jo, Kev Cooper,  Jeanne Balsam and others offer one or a range of services at affordable rates:  editing, design, illustration, publishing, promotions and promotional materials such as bookmarks and posters.

Recognition:  Blogger-reviewer-author Kev Cooper reads many books and started the Diamond Book Awards. Other bloggers give book/blog awards too.

Blog Photo - Diamond Book Award 2017

Promotions: Sally and Chris are the best I know, generously promoting what seems like hundreds of authors each year. How they find the time, I don’t know, but  — take a bow, you two!

Featuring other Bloggers: I do this on my blog, as do many others.

Blog Photo - Yvonne at Desk
Yvonne Blackwood

Blog Photo - Gift of memoir front cover

Blog Photo - Diane Taylor1
Diane Taylor

Deliberately Buying each other’s Books:   All my purchases/requested Christmas gifts from family are books from small presses and especially by indie authors who blog.  I borrow books by the big-name authors from the library.

Blog Photo - Sally Cronin book

Blog Photo - Maya and the book of everything

Blog Photo - Donna K Mind Book

Blog Photo - PS I forgive you.jpg

Giving feedback on Manuscripts: When the draft is done but you’re still not sure and a blogger gives feedback, that’s a major gift.

Reading and Reviewing each other’s books: When a blogger reads my book then reviews it on Goodreads, Amazon or even better – their own blog — that’s a gift! Take a bow, everyone who does this! Thanks to bloggers who’ve done this for me.

Blog Photo - Lavinia Album cover

Spreading the Word:  We spread the word about each other’s books in circles beyond blogging. Lavinia Ross and Gallivanta: Thank you for spreading the word about Myrtle in your own circles and beyond.

Praying/holding faith for each other: We celebrate other bloggers’ “wins”. Invariably, we also learn about their life struggles. When my husband was critically ill, bloggers around the world expressed concern. Many were praying. And when my blogger friends or loved ones face troubles, I do the same.

Been helped by bloggers or helped? Please share!


105 thoughts on “Bloggers Helping Bloggers”

  1. Hear, hear! And thanks so very, very much for posting a picture of the cover of my YA fantasy novel, “Maya and the Book of Everything.” I so appreciate it. And when you get a chance, check out the recent post on my blog. 😉

  2. I agree Cynthia. Blogging is a great community. As another blogger once commented to me, it’s like having good neighbours over the cyber fence!

  3. I thought of myself as a blogger, not a writer, until Luanne Castle (Writersite.org) suggested my writing was good enough to publish o/side the blogosphere. It took a few years to get up my courage, but encouraged by friends here I finally did it. It never would have happened w/out blogging first and the kind people to be found on this medium.

  4. I like your observation that blogging is having pen pals all over the world. When I started my blog in 2012 I never knew that I would be in touch with such a wide variety of people. In my job, I do have constant contact with people from other countries but blogging certainly adds a new dimension 😀.

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog. Good to visit other blogs and leave comments, as you did here. I visited yours too. Congrats on your blog! You are writing about important, soulful issues. One thought: Have you any photos or illustrations that you could use to break up the text of long posts? Some sites offer free public photos you can use. My best wishes to you.

      1. Thank you for suggestions. I’m struggling with photo issue. I feel strange just using some random photo. I feel like it needs to be personal and “really mine”. Then I certainly don’t want to post too many pictures of me and look vain. I’d love to hear about free pictures. Many sites I have found have rediculous yearly fees. I’m new to this and I’m trying to be careful of spending too much money.

      2. OK this is first time I have even seen this option of messaging. Again… Novice! When I comment/reply here, is it private or is it going to show on my website for my visitors to see?

  5. Thank you for this wonderful post on your blogging community, Cynthia! You have helped all of us in many ways, and many times, yourself. You have prayed for family and friends in need, and lifted us all up at one time or another with your kind words of encouragement.

    You should never feel ashamed when you are hurt, Cynthia. All of us are here for one another. We are a community.

  6. Cynthia, this was such a joy to read. I, too, have found an amazingly supportive community from blogging. I’m delighted to find my way to your lovely blog via Sally. She is an absolute gem for sure. I’m following your blog now as well, and look forward to learning and sharing more in the future. I noticed your CBC interview and will view it shortly. One Canadian to another, cheers! 🙂

  7. Getting connected with illustrator Jo Robinson on Chris the Story Reading Ape’s blog for Myrtle the Purple Turtle is a great example of what being part of a blogging community can lead to. I must get back to blogging while people still remember me!

  8. Our blogging community is the main reason I keep posting. I appreciate and enjoy the connections. I’m glad you’re being supported, inspired, and shared. You and your writing deserve it Cynthia.

  9. Thank-you very much, Cynthia! You are so kind. I’m not able to be on-line as often as I used and am always late responding these days. However, I do concur with everything you have written here in praise of blogging and bloggers. Blogging has given me much pleasure and has introduced me to very many wonderful people. I have learnt so much about all sorts of things and am humbled and in awe of people, you in particular my friend, who struggle with disabilities but still manage to campaign for the disadvantaged, write books, promote other peoples’ books and art – I could go on and on! Such a wonderful community; such friendship!

    1. Ah, dear Clare. Tell me, kiddo: how on earth can you be one of my favourite people when I’ve never met you? I think it’s because your wisdom, thoughtfulness, and care for your family and friends all come through in your writing. Don’t worry about being late in responding. You have so much to do!

  10. What a terrific post, Cynthia. I know it took a lot of time to put this together. I’m so glad you ‘put yourself there.’ You are a valued member of our community and would missed. Thank you so much for including me. Feel a big hug, my friend ❤

  11. A wonderful tribute to our blogging community, Cynthia. Bloggers bring me gifts every day with their kindness, their posts, their comments, and their support. A couple of years ago, I wrote about the support we can give each other https://silkannthreades.wordpress.com/2014/07/02/4891/
    I am planning to try and order Myrtle through our local bookstore a) because I want our bookstore to stay in business, and b) because ordering a book brings the staff’s and buyer’s attention to a book (hopefully). I would also suggest if a person really likes a book he/she can ask the local library to add it to its collection. If he/she can afford to buy the book in question, they could also donate it to a library.

    1. These are excellent ideas, Gallivanta. Ordering through a local bookstore is great. People are also writing me to say they are donating a copy to their local school or library. And Karen Pickering (Windows of His Grace) ended her Amazon review with : “Buy two copies… one for your local school.”
      Turtlicious! Or should I used your term: I’m “turtally” pleased!

  12. I knew you by Lavinia Ross. I loved read your post bout the Purple turtle .
    I am a Xanga blogger since 2001 then on worpress since 2015 . In blogging we create a goup of faithful friends even if wre never meet in person each others. I am French and the distance is there but friendship has wings .
    Love ❤

  13. Ripples in the pond of thought… (sounds like a good start to a poem, run with it). Hey, I may be calling on you in the near future (if you keep nagging) to give a look-over to a manuscript. We will discuss details elsewhere. -Oscar

  14. Cynthia, thank you for giving a shout out on behalf of me and my services, as well as to so many others. It is so very kind of you. Although my time to blog is limited, I like you, love not only to write, but to visit the inspiring offerings of others on their blog pages, as well as the lovely comments on my own. Yes, the blogging community is a very special place indeed.

  15. It’s a wonderful community, Cynthia, and I am blessed to have found you and your blog. You are always an inspiration! Every time I think I ought to stop blogging for one reason or another, I realize that I would miss too much all of the wonderful people around the world I have connected with. Blessings to you!

  16. I”m glad I passed by here a second time. I’m sure I left you a comment when I first saw this post, but don’t see it? Maybe I’m in spam?
    Anyhoo, this is a fantastic post Cynthia, and I’m thrilled to be mentioned in it. 🙂 x

  17. A lovely post! I, too, have been overwhelmed by friendly support and encouragement from around the world. I feel, during these sticky times, that the blogosphere tells us that, in spite of the headlines, the world if full of kind, generous and open-minded people.

  18. Dear Cynthia, you are one of the reasons why blogging is such a blessing to so many of us. You are encouraging, generous, and helpful–never mind that you’re also just plain good at blogging. 🙂 You’re also a great story teller who makes us smile, laugh, cry, and care. I love this family.
    Blessings ~ Wendy ❤

  19. Cynthia, how lovely to read such a celebration of bloggers and the blogosphere. So many people decry the blogosphere these days, saying that blogs are becoming stale and artificial and disingenuous. I’m with you. I love blogging and supporting other bloggers in the community x

    1. Well said, Rebecca. I love it too. And I really like the bloggers whose posts I read, so maybe I’ve chosen well! More likely, one gets out of it what one puts in. I can say that blogging helped save me.

      1. Hello again, Cynthia :). I’m writing a post on my blog that I plan to publish in a week or two (I began writing it quite a long time ago, but it’s taken me a while to get the wording right!), and it is about why I love blogging and the blogosphere. Would it be okay with you if I include a link to this post of yours, which celebrates both blogs and blogging? I think it would fit my theme nicely, and yours, too :), and though I don’t have many followers, I’d love to give my readers a chance to read your post about the celebration of blogging, and to see your blog in general, too. If I have your permission, I’ll give a link both to this specific post and also to your blog in general. Rebecca x

  20. Great post and you are so right about the communal aspects of blogging. There’s a dark side to social media but there is also great kindness and mutual support. A nervous friend was asking my advice about tweeting and in the end I felt it was all down to good manners. No one enjoys the company of someone who shouts look at me! look at me! all the time.
    I love your personal book buying policy. You’ve inspired me.

  21. Great article and very helpful. I would like to mention Harvesting Hecate (https://harvestinghecate.wordpress.com) /by British blogger Andrea Stephenson As part of her blog, she introduced me to Myrtle the Turtle and her Harvest from the Deep blog in September invited all of her readers to share their favorite blog posting (from their own blog.) Through that act of generosity, I have discovered some wonderful new blogs.

  22. It really feels great when some of the bloggers are concerned about other bloggers . I’m just few months old and don’t know to what to consider myself as a new or old blogger . Nice to meet you and wish to meet some more bloggers out here .

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