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Purple Toenails and … Myrtle Becomes French?


I’m moving at the speed of turtles this week (to quote Oscar at Hermit’s Door), but it’s been a turtally wonderful time for Myrtle (to quote Gallivanta).


First: Is this not the sweetest face?  

Blog Photo - Myrtle book held by Aggeliki - 6 yrs old - mother Theano takes photo

Meet Aggiliki, 6, whose photo was taken by mom Theano, of Whitby, Ontario. Thank you, Theano and Aggiliki, for this delightful photo, and for loving Myrtle the Purple Turtle! 


Second: Myrtle has been translated into French, thanks to Jean Long and Jessica Charnock.

When they first read Myrtle the Purple Turtle, Jessica noticed that Jean was translating the words into French as he read.  They quickly offered to do a written translation for publication, and of course I said, “Yes, thank you very much!”

Blog Photo - Jean and Jessica

You may remember Jean and Jessica. A French-Canadian couple, he’s a former teacher and vice-principal, and she’s a former high fashion model, secretary and wine importer. Both are extremely creative (see my blog posts about their remarkable creations). 

Myrtle will also get a French name! More on that later.


Blog Photo - St Thomas' Church Ext New and Old

Third: At my family church, St. Thomas’ Anglican in the village of Brooklin (northeast of Toronto),  7 year old Makayla marched up to me this morning.  She clearly and politely requested her very own copy of Myrtle, paid for it, and waited as I signed it.

Blog Photo - Myrtle fan at St Thomas church

It was part of a successful fundraising book-sale at St. Thomas’ today. Money raised will benefit the parish’s good works. 


Fellow author Paul Mason also kindly contributed books to the sale. We both feel privileged to do this.  Our families have both experienced the loving kindness for which this church is known.

Blog Photo - St Thomas' Church LOVE stained glass
Above 4 photos by Hamlin Grange

Fourth, Myrtle has been blessed with more positive reviews.  I’m over the moon with gratitude to these terrific bloggers who took the time to read Myrtle the Purple Turtle recently and review it. This is a magnificent gift and I thank you all:

Sally Cronin

Wendy Macdonald


Sheryl Normandeau

Oscar Larson


And finally, an elegant, well-known friend of mine, who — to protect the guilty — shall only be identified as Rita D, decided to one-up my friend Mandy and me after we painted our fingernails purple. Yes, she had her toenails painted purple.

Blog Photo - Myrtle and Rita Purple Nails

Having recently recovered from injuring her leg, Rita decided to celebrate by  getting a pedicure, and she chose purple to honour Myrtle.

Mandy and I are pleased to be one-upped by you, Rita. Thank you!

So there we go. A series of events that have a certain purple turtle — and tons of loving kindness — in common.

Be well, my friends! Thanks always for being there.




54 thoughts on “Purple Toenails and … Myrtle Becomes French?”

  1. Reading this post in Paris – so perfect to learn that the wonderful Myrtle La Tortue will have a French identity! Bravo à vous! 😀

  2. It’s lovely to know that Myrtle is bi-lingual and that she is helping to raise money for good works. I suppose when you’ve been hidden away for so long there’s no time to lose; you just gotta get out there and turtally shine your shell. 🙂

  3. Such wonderful news! However, I must hang my head in shame. I do not know the French word for “turtle.” I’ll be looking it up as soon as I’m done typing this comment.

  4. I love Aggiliki’s sweet face and Rita’s purple toes. It goes to show what a wonderful friend you are (as well as author) that people go out of their way to rejoice with you and Myrtle. Well done, and thank you for the mention, dear Cynthia. ❤
    Blessings ~ Wendy

    1. Thank you very much, Wendy. I can’t believe the number of photos coming in from parents and grandparents. So kind and great fun too. I got one last evening that made me giggle out loud.

  5. I am sure Myrtle, or what ever her French name will be, will be a great success in French too. French speaking kids deserve to know her too. I hope to capture a nice picture of my grandie when she receives Myrtle for Christmas 🙂

  6. Congrats on the translation!! And those two little girls are very cute. I hope Myrtle continues to reach lots of kids. And you’re looking pretty good yourself signing behind that table!

  7. The photos of the children with their books are beautiful! Aggiliki does have the sweetest face. 🙂

    Good to see Myrtle in French now, Cynthia. She is well on her way to becoming a world traveler! Thank you, Jean Long and Jessica Charnock!

  8. Cynthia! This is great and amazing – I enjoyed your wonderful, meaningful post, its so important and needed in our community, this should be very helpful to our kids and educational programs!!

  9. A lot of good news Cynthia . The nook is well launched .
    I am glad it is translated in French .
    You speak of a mother and her daughter from Whitby near Toronto. I was in Whitbu in December 2001 fro a stay of a week long. .
    Love ❤

  10. How wonderful that Myrtle is – hmmm. I want to say `making such strides’, but that doesn’t quite fit. That Myrtle is really in the swim! And translated to Francais! Incroyable!

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