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Everybody’s A Critic…

Blog Photo - Christmas Angel

It’s Advent,  a quiet season that I love. And I’m determined to create something — something special to get into the spirit of preparing for Christmas.

“I’m making a creche!” I proudly declared.

“A creche?” my good man asked.

“Hm-hmm,” I said, eyeing the Christmas decorations. “I must be able to find some stuff around here.”

Blog Photo - Christmas Ornaments Jewelled Pony

Blog Photo - Christmas Ornaments Baby angels

I was so proud of my creation, I sent pictures to the family.

“Er… Mum.” Younger daughter was the first to phone. “What’s that?”

“It’s a creche,” I cheerfully replied.

Blog Photo - Christmas Creche better

“Aren’t you supposed to have just one baby in the creche?” she asked.

“Yes. But Jesus was middle-eastern and I couldn’t find any middle-eastern-looking babies in my decorations, so I used the two little brown babies. They are representing Jesus.”

“What did you use for a blanket, Mum?”

“I used kleenex. Folded.”

Blog Photo - Christmas babies in creche

“Kleenex.” I think I heard her sigh.  “And why do you have bears by the side of the manger? The story calls for three wise men, but you have 6 bears.”

“I do not!”

“Go and check. I’m telling you, those are bears.”

I checked. Those are bears.

Blog Photo - Christmas bears.JPG

“They’re wise bears!” I said, brightening up. “Six wise bears!”

“And is that Santa in the corner?” she accused. “There was no Santa in the Bible story!”

“Okay.  You’re right. But did you like the two golden angels with the trumpets?”

Blog Photo - Christmas Angels in creche

“They’re okay… I guess. But why’s there a penguin? They don’t have penguins in the middle east.”

This had turned into an inquisition. But I knew what I knew. 

“There’s no penguin,” I insisted, on firm ground at last.

“I’ll wait while you go check, Mum. There’s a penguin in your creche.”

Blog Photo - Christmas candles and penguin

I checked. There was a penguin. A tiny one, lower left.

“And is that a lamb?  That’s kinda big for a lamb.”

Blog Photo - Christmas lamb

“Okay, alright,” I said. “But did you like the creche at least?”

“Oh, mum. You really are very special.”

And if you think that conversation is bad, just wait till the older daughter calls.

I’m sure it’s the thought that counts.

But everybody’s a bloomin’ critic.

69 thoughts on “Everybody’s A Critic…”

  1. It’s the creativity and thought that counts. 🙂 I have a gorgeous large nativity set that my family made 35+ years ago. But, every year I look at the huge box and the big wooden barn and can’t bring myself to haul it down from the attic. So, I have a lovely wooden backup set – 8 pieces to which I add lovely bottle brush trees. The moment is still recognized front and center, and my back doesn’t need an ice pack. 🙂 Enjoy your very nice creation. 🙂

    1. Thank you for that kind reply, Judy. I’d love to see the large nativity set that your family made all those years ago! Is it on any of your blog posts? Still, the backup set sounds lovely.

  2. Thank you for making me laugh uproariously. My friend Valerie Wint introduced me to your blog a few years ago.
    I always enjoy it, but as an awkward crafter myself, found this hilarious.
    Thanks Cynthia and keep up the great work.

    1. Oh, what a hoot to read your reply, Susan. I’m so happy I made you laugh. The thing is, when I’m doing crazy arrangements or weird creches, I really think I’m doing a great job. It isn’t till I step back and look, or someone finds fault, that I realize how these creations look.

  3. This made me smile so much and I’m certain all involved in creating the original event would be smiling as well. You have created something from the heart. By the way, here in the US we often refer to someone intellectually slow as being “special” We often tease my grown son that he is special when he does something that makes us roll our eyes at him. Sounds like your daughter was having an eye roll moment. Still smiling at your creche and your creativity. Warms the heart.

    1. I’m very glad it made you smile, Marlene. Thanks for the reassurance that the original participants would smile too! The term ‘special’ is meant much the same way here too. My family uses it about me very fondly — with my head injury, I’ve said and done some very strange things, leaving them agog (or aghast).

  4. Oh, Cynthia, I am still laughing! It is the spirit that counts! Two brown babies are perfect. I no longer have nativity sets as I have given them to my daughter and son. Go six wise bears! Wise is always good.

    1. A wise observation, Michel. Though I must admit that I like my family’s reactions. I’m always surprised, maybe a little irritated at times, but as Arlingwoman says: at least they cared enough to notice. And so I end up laughing heartily with them.

  5. I feel quite inspired to go make my own creche! I see many cats . . . This was such a fun post and I think you nailed the spirit of Christmas perfectly–all are welcome, all are blessed.

  6. You are not alone! We like to make our crib as mad as possible. Until recently ours was made with action figures. We have a more mainstream one at the moment because of McMini. He also made me an angel for the top of the tree because, ‘We’re just not having Princess Leia up there another year mummy, OK?’



      1. Yeh it had to be done. Although the action man (GI Joe) shark on the roof of ours with the power ranger’s legs sticking out of its mouth has nothing to do with me!

      1. The garden did well this year, as did the vineyard. I didn’t have time to make applesauce this year, but was still picking apples off the trees in early December until the morning temperatures started going down into the 20s, and the larger birds went after the apples. The drill conical holes in the fruit from above. That apple that looks good from down below spills collected rainwater down on the unsuspecting apple picker below. I swear I can hear birdy laughter in the trees. 🙂

  7. Haha.. Oh so loved this Cynthia.. Brilliant.. and 10 out of 10 for great imagination and creativity .. And three wise Bears for wise men or six,, who is counting.. And I love penguins..
    Thank you for the chuckle this evening Cynthia.. ❤ we need more Laughter.. ❤

  8. This sounds like a CS Lewis ‘Narnia’ Christmas with all the animals! Very imaginative – with a delightful dialogue with your daughters. Thank you for your support for my blog. Greetings to all your family.

    1. Yes, yes — that’s exactly what I was aiming for! OK, that’s untrue. But you’ve given me a valid and creative way to describe this creche, and I’m grateful. Greetings to you and family too, Richard.

    1. Y’know, Andrea — there probably is. And how I wish Richard Sutton (who I met through your blog) had given me his take on the creche earlier — that I was really aiming for a Narnia concept. Think how clever I would have seemed. (Oh, durn…)

  9. The older daughter led the charge to get rid of all my older decorations years ago when I was on bed-rest, so I could hardly wait for her comment about the creche. But I made the mistake of telling her about the blog post, and she quickly said “No comment!” She refused to be drawn in. We had a great laugh. My daughters are both very funny and I love laughing with them.

  10. Lovely assembly. Our creche (not the outside blowform one roaming around the mountain) includes a lion, giraffe, zebra, and warthog). My mother mentioned yesterday that Joseph and Mary are traveling across her windowsill at the moment on the road to Bethlehem in her dinning room. Such imaginations are the miracle of the season. -Oscar

  11. You really had me laughing with this one…all stories are subject to interpretation and your creche is your interpretation of the Christmas story. 😀

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