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The Week Before Christmas


Here, for your viewing pleasure (I hope), are some images from our home in the week before Christmas. We started decorating a few weeks ago.

Blog Photo - Christmas -Advent Calendar

The thing above is our unusual Advent calendar.

Before Advent officially began (December 3 this year), we wrote notes/quotes and put them in the tiny drawers. Important reminders of love, slowing down and appreciating our blessings.

Next, we brought out an oldish but favourite Christmas book.

Blog Photo - Christmas book exterior

Inside are pop-up scenes marking the 12 days of Christmas, which traditionally don’t begin till December 25.

Blog Photo - Christmas Book third day

Blog Photo - Christmas Book Three French Hens

Blog Photo - Christmas Book inside

Then the tree got properly decorated…

Blog Photo - Christmas ornaments Peace Angel

Blog Photo - Christmas Ornaments Golden Dove

Blog Photo - Christmas Tree 2017

Except for the lower branches.  We ran out of lights, planned to replace them before adding more decorations, but forgot.  

Blog Photo - Christmas Living rm 3

Then I assembled this centrepiece — using birch-bark candles by the talented artist Jean Long, pine cones, baubles, whatnots….

Blog Photo - Christmas plate and candles

And Santa’s sleigh, of course.

Blog Photo - Christmas Santa sleigh

Husband had already filled this very old basket with logs for the fire….

Blog Photo - Christmas Fireplace Logs in Basket

Blog Photo - Christmas 2016 - Logs Burning

Finally, the table was set with Christmas plates ….

Blog Photo - Christmas plate setting

Blog Photo - Christmas table2

And then I apparently ruined the “tablescape”.

Husband asked: “What on earth is that?”

“Those are real autumn leaves and real fake berries,” I replied. 

“Hmm,” he said.

I didn’t tell him I planned to replace the leaves with green sprigs. A woman must retain some mystery, after all.
Blog Photo - Christmas Plate with leaves

Wishing you a good week before Christmas and – whatever your special celebration or preparations — I wish you all the best of the season.


61 thoughts on “The Week Before Christmas”

  1. Thanks for sharing your heart, hearth, and home (maybe your next book title?) with us Cynthia. I enjoy your decorations and humble wit. May we keep the spirit of love and play alive for Christmas and throughout the year. Holiday blessings to you and yours.

  2. I feel the ‘real leaves’ with the ‘real fake berries’ shows a down home designer touch Cynthia – good job!! I do like to see how you folks in winter celebrate the festival. 🙂 Though it’s a bit wet here today we have been melting in (Celsius) 30 degree heat……. but still the tree is up!

  3. Lovely decorating, Cynthia! I like the leaves and berries, too. Those beautiful birch bark candles also caught my attention.

    We have too many cats here to put up any decorations. They are too much of a temptation for idle paws. 🙂

      1. @Lavinia, it did happen to my blog a few months ago, too… but I rebooted my “machine” and it showed up afterwards… well, some WWW pathways are still inscrutable… 🙂

  4. So lovely to see, Cynthia, and I love the forgetting of the lights – it all looks perfect, so who needs them! A very merry Christmas back to you. 🙂

  5. Beautifully festive Cynthia. I particulaly like that amazing advent sleigh. WIshing you and all yours a lovely festive season.

  6. It all feels so homely and festive Cynthia. Hugs and seasonal sparkly wishes flowing to you and your loved ones, with much ❤ Xxx

  7. How nicely you have decorated your home! The tree looks lovely without the missing lights and I love the centrepiece with the birchbark candles. A very Merry Christmas to you and yours, Cynthia and have a happy and healthy New Year!

  8. Cynthia, everything looks lovely!I laughed at the lack of lights on the lower branches, because when I had 3 cats, I ended up having no ornaments on the lower branches. While I was gone to work, or overnight, the kitty elves would have a good time knocking down what they could reach and smacking them all over the room. And I would dutifully replace them. Finally, I just left them off! Have a wonderful, wonderful Christmas! Jeanne

  9. If all looks fab. I love the advent calendar too – we did run to an advent candle but otherwise it was Lego star wars … not quite so classy.

    Hope your Christmas was fantastic and all the best for 2018.



      1. Okay! I get it!

        Cynthia Reyes

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        Available at online booksellers and through bookstores:


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  10. SPLENDID post, as usually… ❤
    * * *
    1000 MERCI for dropping by my virtual playground and my very best for the coming year: health, joy, love and peace… wish you oceans of inspiration & good luck in all your endeavours! 🙂 last but not least: I ❤ your country and your city… cheers! 🙂

  11. Good weather to stay near the Yule Log burning in the wood stove. Happy New Year! -Oscar P.S. The Magi are bringing a gift soon, as the Post Office has nothing to do now that the holiday catalogues and packages are delivered.

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