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The Glory of Late Summer

So much beauty.

Late summer, but the garden is still resplendent with colour. 

Blog Photo - September 2018 Lovely Backyard tree to woods

Blog Photo - Garden 2018 Ligularia Yellow Blooms in border

The bees are plentiful and hard at work, drawn to fragrant hosta and almost everything else, it seems.

Blog Photo - Garden 2018 Bee on Hosta Bloom 2

Blog Photo - Garden 2018 Hosta White ECU

Blog Photo - Garden 2018 Bee ECU

Blog Photo - Garden Sept 2018 Very wide shot with bee in one lily

Blog Photo - Garden Sept 2018 Bee in Lily Med Wide

Blog Photo - Garden Sept 2018 Bee CU in Lily

The trees are still green.

Blog Photo - Garden August 2018 - Under the Dogwood tree

And there are blooms everywhere.

Blog Photo - Garden August 2018 - late blooms1

Blog Photo - Garden 2018 Single Blue clem

Blog Photo - Garden August 2018 - Zucchini and Flower

I give thanks for this season and the ability to enjoy it. Last summer, I had a bad concussion and broken bones from a sudden fall.  Luckily, my husband and an old friend both took photos so I could see bits of the garden.

Blog Photo - Garden Sept 2018 benches and blue pot by pool

This summer, life has again challenged me greatly at times — as it does to many of us.  Loved ones get seriously ill or die.  Another fall.  A lengthy medical assessment kicks off horrible nightmares and indescribable pain; I’m shocked to find myself again staring into the abyss.  I shake my head and have a few frank words with God.

But weep ye not!

Blog Photo - Garden 2018 Sunface

I’m determined to dwell, not on the bad, but on the good that’s around me. And there is so much good, so much beauty, to be thankful for.

Blog Photo - Garden 2018 Yellowish Hosta fersn and wall

My husband and children are healthy. They are caringly present, especially in rough times. 

Most days I am, according to my husband, “strimping along”. (I insist I’m striding or strolling, not limping.) 

My relatives, neighbours and friends are never far away.

Blog Photo - Garden August 2018 - Hosta in front

We support each other.

I surprised one dear friend with a funny birthday gift and kept a promise to another.  (Tiny acts, but I know they matter.)

My sisters and daughters called; we shared words of hope, love and reassurance.

Blog Photo - Garden 2018 Bee on Blue shrub

And I’m still keeping the faith.

And the sun still shines in abundance.

Blog Photo - Phillipians 4 Whatever is True



66 thoughts on “The Glory of Late Summer”

  1. Thank you Cynthia for sharing yourself and beautiful gardens. I admire you and your spirit, faith, gratitude, and vulnerability. Most of us have our challenges and messy lives, but I let them get me down so often. You remind me to keep moving forward as best I can. Maybe I’ll strimp along with you. 🙂

    1. They get me down sometimes too, Brad. Like recently. Surprising how that can happen so quickly, and before you know it, there you are. I have techniques from the rehabilitation hospital that I use almost every day — gratitude, appreciation of the good stuff, distraction, etc. — but sometimes I forget!

  2. The garden photos are beautiful, and I especially love the bee with her head down in that bright yellow bloom!

    We all do need to focus on what we have that goes well for us. The other abyss is too easy to fall into if we are not careful. My mother found this poem somewhere, and I do not know who wrote it, or even the title, but I think of it often.

    “I heard a bird sing in the dark of December
    A magical thing, and sweet to remember.
    ‘We’re closer to spring than we were in September’
    I heard a bird sing in the dark of December.”

    May you always hear the bird singing in your darkest times, my friend.

  3. Any progress is still progress. And how wonderful to be able to fulfil those ‘tiny acts’ with all that beauty and support around you. Sending love and hugs xxx

  4. Cynthia, there are always challenges but the gardener in you see the beauty of nature and embrace it as part of your healing. As a result the brightest, most wonderful garden is your soul. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thank you for this post, Cynthia. In lifting yourself up through your challenges of continuing pain, you lift up your readers as well. And your garden is simply stunning!

  6. Life can take some mean side-routes, but I’m so glad all is well with your family and they are there for you. The garden looks beautiful and I hope some of its blazing healthy beauty can come to you.

  7. Life is not always fair, but you are surrounded by beauty and love. That is indeed something to cherish. Our fondest thoughts are with you and we admire your strength. With love and big hugs.
    Jean & Jessica

    1. “This season” started way too early for me, my friend. Kinda like winter every year. (Smile) But I’m turning my face to the sun these days, and that’s a good thing. You’re so right about the garden: a blessing, for sure.

  8. Sweet,lovely garden pictures. I did not know Cannas would live in Canada.I have been wondering why I hadn’t heard from you in a while (blog!) Sorry to hear you are in the hurt locker. Hoping you stay upright, grit your teeth and keep strolling and smelling the roses, I am sure there are some around up there.

  9. I’m sorry to hear that you’re having health problems again but I think being grateful for what we have is the right road to better days. I always try to remember all the things I can do rather than those I can’t. Take care and be well.

  10. The glory of your garden and your glory in its loveliness are glorious to my soul. But whilst I praise you and your garden, I have no kind words for that abyss. Kia kaha, dear Cynthia. Aroha nui. XXXXX

  11. Struggling again??! My goodness, you maintain such a positive outlook through it all. I know you’re right–that there’s much, much to be thankful for–but I am still really impressed that you can stay so upbeat.

  12. Oh, Cynthia, you are sunshine itself! You mange to share the beauty of your magnificent garden and be thankful for all that you have despite strimipling along. Husbands are so literal – I thought I was jogging and he said I was walking. Your posts are always a joy.

  13. Sorry to hear you have had difficult times but your garden and the photos are so beautiful and a loving and supportive family is the greatest treasure of all. Keep on strimping.

  14. I love your beautiful garden and your unwavering optimism Cynthia. That’s half the battle, and of course, having a good family. You are blessed. 🙂

  15. Oh, thanks for sharing your hardships along with the beauty that keeps you going. I got a concussion the end of May and thought I’d be up and about in a week or two. Three months later, I’m still suffering, so I now totally understand how long and hard recovery can be. Please know that I’m sending you healing hugs and hope your strimping soon turns to strolling. xo

    1. And I’m sending you the same. Sorry to hear about the concussion. It’s awful. The strimping is permanent so I’m waiting for the invention of a truly affordable bionic leg!

  16. Cynthia, know I am with you in spirit, walking by your side, a friend to lean on when needed. It is a real challenge as we get older and/or deal with injuries, but I know neither you nor I are quitters. I’m sorry to hear you had another fall. As soon as you see that abyss, just build yourself a bridge across it. xoxoxo Jeanne

  17. Lovely. And strimping is the best weird ever. McOther calls my limpy attempts to run ‘bimbling’.

    I’m sorry times have been tough. Hers hoping for a gentler winter.



  18. That quote from Philippians is very good. I also liked Lavinia’s poem. I am so sorry you have had another fall and have been suffering badly. One would never have known if you hadn’t said, as your posts have been so upbeat. You are an absolute marvel, my dear! Your garden is looking so lush and bright. As always, my prayers are with you and yours.

  19. So sorry to hear of your troubles Cynthia. It’s a relief you have such a good family. Well done with the garden. It looks amazingly fresh and green- may it cheer and encourage you. God richly bless you and your’s.

  20. Hey dear Cynthia .. your garden is so beautiful and how lovely to provide all that food for his bees. I’m sorry to hear that you are having health problems .. thinking of you and sending healing hugs 🙂

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