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Turtles Rule!

I’m seeing turtles everywhere these days!

Blog Photo - Turtle Crossing

Myrtle’s Game, book 2 in the Myrtle the Purple Turtle series, is complete and now the Kindle version has just been released on Amazon.

In Canada, it hit the #1 spot in its category on the first day.

Blog Photo - Myrtle's Game #1 on Kindle

The US ebook is available here, with more links and updates to come.

The print version will be released everywhere on Amazon in another day or two. Stay tuned, please.

Jo Robinson again has created gorgeous full-colour images of Myrtle and friends and we are once again bowled over by her great talent.

Blog Photo - Myrtle's Game Book Cover

Daughter Lauren Reyes-Grange is my co-author on this book, and it’s been a joy to collaborate with her. You may recall that the first Myrtle book was written for her when she was a child. Please help me congratulate her on her first book!

While we anxiously waited for the book to be ready, Karen Pickering’s art class in Wisconsin, USA, made us pictures of turtles. This delighted us no end.

Blog Photo - Turtle pictures by children 2 - Karen P

So did the wonderful messages from many Myrtle-fans — among them the great champions of Indie authors, Chris Graham and Sally Cronin. Take a bow, please! We authors thrive on such support.

On Facebook, I noticed today that friend Mandy, while waiting for the new book, has re-read Book #1 and painted her nails purple. She beat me to it, and I have never been so happy to be bested!

Blog Photo - Mandy's purple fingernails

Finally, late last night, I belatedly came across this review of Myrtle the Purple Turtle from Canadian Living, one of Canada’s top-rated magazines. I was “over the moon”, as they say!


Book reviews and stories, from magazines, newspapers, bloggers, broadcasters — and many others sharing by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email and elsewhere — made Myrtle the Purple Turtle a repeat bestseller.

You proved that a little book, written 28 years earlier and produced independently, could be a success. 

Are we grateful? You bet.



68 thoughts on “Turtles Rule!”

  1. Congratulations to both of you, Cynthia and Lauren. How wonderful it is to have a book co-authored by mother and daughter! Can’t wait to read it. And…. the Canadian Living review was great….

  2. Wonderful! Congratulations to you and Lauren and Jo. How lucky we are to have another Myrtle tale to enjoy.

  3. Wow! The new book looks terrific, full of action and joy – congratulations to you all and I wish it all the success of Myrtle the Purple Turle! I see a series in the offing… 😀😀

  4. Congratulations Cynthia and Lauren! Myrtle is just as engaging in her second outing as she is in the first. Bet I’m no the only person looking forward to Myrtle 3.

  5. hello Cynthia,
    thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such nice comments,
    I like your Purple Turtle book and the lovely illistrations, contratulations on your success with your book,

  6. Congratulations to you and Lauren, Cynthia! I am slowly catching-up and was so pleased to read this post this evening! I will be ordering a book as soon as I can.

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