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Bees on Snowdrops

The pollinators are out and buzzing around!Blog Photo - snowdrops bunches

And since snowdrops are the only flowers blooming right now, the bees are to be found there.

Blog Photo - snowdrop bunch 3

I didn’t know snowdrops were attractive to bees and other pollinators, but there they were!

 They will have many more blooms to choose from soon, as milder temperatures have arrived in this part of Ontario.

Blog Photo - Bee on snowdrop 2

Mindful of pollinators over-wintering in the leaves and dried stems of last year’s plants, we kept the leaves on the garden beds until this week when my husband got to work with his trusty rake. I helped a little, but he said he enjoyed doing this alone, so I left him to it.

23 thoughts on “Bees on Snowdrops”

  1. Spring is coming! As soon as it warmed up here, the garden was full of bees and now the Ruby Throated hummingbirds have arrived to enjoy the feast. Nothing is more enjoyable than watching plants and animals come out of their winter sleep. It is certainly comforting during these days.

  2. What a beautiful sight! I’ve been eyeing the leaves on my gardens. As soon as the weather allows, I’ll be out there with my trusty little rake, removing the leaves from the beds. Spring is coming! And not a moment too soon.

  3. That is a beautiful spring photo, Cynthia. The first blooms of the season with bees are always an uplifting sight!

    We have past peak daffodil at this time; the snow drops are long gone. I checked the fruit trees yesterday. The wild cherries are starting to open , and the first plum blossom unfurled. The Bing and Black Tartarian cherries are not far behind, along with the pear trees. The weather has been cold and wet this week, but I know the pollinators will get busy once we get a sunny day.

  4. Raking can be very therapeutic. My guy spent two hours yesterday raking a front lawn – and it wasn’t even ours! ;-0 🙂 To the pollinators. We need them more than ever now.

  5. I’ve been thinking of doing a clear-out of my cutting garden, but so far I haven’t gotten beyond the thinking about it stage. Your snowdrops must have been a welcome sight when they began to bloom!

  6. I see you got the ‘bum’s rush’ (to put it crudely) with your offer of help! This self distancing and isolation could become addictive. We could all find ourselves living separately in our little corners for evermore, if we aren’t careful! Hehe!
    The bees are pioneers aren’t they? Brave little souls going out foraging for their communities.

      1. I don’t mind when I’m told I’m not needed or wanted. This togetherness can be a bit much sometimes and we all need space to think our thoughts. Take care, my friend xx

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