A Good Home

A Winter’s Tail

A favourite from 2015

The birds are back with songs of Spring

Their tunes incite imagining

That Winter’s end will soon arrive

And living things shall haste to thrive


Via vitalxrecognition.wordpress.com/
Image Thanks to: vitalxrecognition.wordpress.com/

A Winter’s tail, how bittersweet!

Today it’s sun, tomorrow sleet

And wind to stop us in our tracks

And cold to freeze Spring-hungry backs


One day we feel a wave of hope

Warmed by our thoughts that we can cope

And then come gales of Winter still

And blizzards coat the windowsill


Blog Photo - Icy Winter evening

Hey, Winter! Do your level best

Your time is near to take a rest

For Lady Spring prepares to rule

She’ll thaw your ice and warm your cool


She’ll rout you, kick your icy tail

She’ll make you wish you’d stopped at hail

Who’s mighty now, oh Freezer Guy

Who rules the roost? Oh my, oh my!


Blog Photo - Rainy Garden with Flowering shrubs

Spring wakes the earth; the gardens flower

She turns grass green and makes you cower

She strips away your winter clothes

And sprinkles sunshine up your nose

Blog Photo - Mama's Garden2

She brings new life to garden trail

She gives new strength to plants so frail

To stand up ‘gainst your mighty storm

And so defy your freezing form


Hey! Winter’s Tail, I kid you not

Pick up your snow and off you trot

Break down your ice and melt away

See you around, when skies are grey


Blog Photo - Lilacs and forget Me Nots

See you next time, oh Frigid One

But not too soon, for Spring’s begun

And three great seasons I shall see

Before you’re back to torment me.


Thanks to Hamlin Grange for all original photos.

Dedicated to all northern gardener friends.

30 thoughts on “A Winter’s Tail”

    1. It’s been a very snowy winter here. Just as the rain melts it, another snow storm arrives. But I’m not complaining. I feel very privileged and blessed to live in this country.

  1. A beautiful poem and selection of photos, Cynthia! Our weather has taken some strange twists and turns, but the daffodils, crocus and snowdrops are up, and the redwing blackbirds have joined the crew at the bird feeder. Down in the lower elevations, a few blooming trees have been spotted. Our fruit trees are still patiently waiting.

    1. Thanks for making me grin! Hope you’re doing well, my friend. Though I’ve never met them, I take pride in the successes of your young people. Feels like I’ve observed them grow up from afar.

      1. Gulf Coast Texas cold. Like at 50F degrees we wear parkas and don’t go out. The weather is really interesting as those arctic cold fronts from up your way will just fly down the plains to us. We can have a day temperature at nearly 80 and freezing that night. Unfortunatly, we are always trying to grow more tropical plants from a warmer zone. Last year everyone lost their backyard orange trees. PS – I’m from the mountains of PA and it took a really long time before I ever thought it was cold here.

  2. Catching up here … and now, so long after you posted this, we are still occasionally going into the high 30’s at night! But I put away my snow shovel to let Winter know I mean business, and at least that has worked. LOL
    Hope you’re well!

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