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Her Royal Lacy-ness

There is a place

For Queen Anne’s Lace

In nature’s open garden.


“But not in mine!”

Gardeners decline

And – oh, their hearts they harden.

Blog Photo - Garden Lace 1

Tis true, Lace will

Self-seed — and still

I love her gentle beauty


But gardeners think

That in one blink

She’ll multiply their duty.

Blog Photo - Garden Lace 2

I spied the Lace

Her pretty face

Not showing in the open


She hid herself

In clever stealth

With mint in our herb garden.

Blog Photo - Garden Lace 3

She stayed alive

Two years survived

Unseen by Garden Minder


Till recent days

He cast his gaze

And was quite shocked to find her.

Blog Photo - Garden lace 4

Her stem he gripped

He pulled and ripped

And stared at her in horror


And thought he had

Removed it all

For he’s a true weed warrior.

Blog Photo - Garden Lace 5

I found her in

The compost bin

— This tale is not fallacious —


No-one about,

I pulled her out

Aggrieved that one so gracious

Blog Photo - Garden lace 6

Should be thrown down

With newly-mown

Grass, in a heap of greenery


I picked her up

And filled a cup

Of water to redeem her.

Blog Photo - Garden Lace 8

And here’s the grace:

She’s fine, our Lace

She flowers now at leisure


Indeed, she blooms

Inside our rooms

For Gardener’s “viewing pleasure”.

Blog Photo - Herb Bed and Bird Bath

If he’s aware

– Our Gardener Dear –

That Lace is what is blooming


He has said nought

Of what he thought

And there has been no fuming


But hold your glee

Don’t “hooray” me

For trouble’s yet a-foot


The Lacy weed

Has done the deed

And left behind a root

Blog Photo - Garden - Queen Anne's Lace in Bud2

Though Gardener Dear

Does not know there

Is still a small plant thriving


In his herb bed

The weed so dread

Is quietly surviving.


Dedicated to people who love wildflowers.

–AND with a smiling apology to my favorite gardener–

There’s more information on the wild carrot AKA Queen Anne’s Lace, at:


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Ah, Well…

I love this man

I really do

For many, many reasons


And he’s been here

Right by my side

Through many different seasons

Blog Photo - Flowers Bouquet1

But tell me now

When I show you

This nice bouquet of flowers


Would you not say:

“Oh Cynthia, wow

You’ve got such lovely powers!”

Blog Photo - flowers Bouquet2


And so I did

Show him my craft

Expecting him to praise me


Such praise that makes

Me burst in smiles

And makes my pulse go crazy

Blog Photo - flowers Bouquet 3

But this is what

That good man said

Believe me, it’s no fable:


“Is that the old

White chenille spread

You put out on the table?

Blog Photo - Flowers Bouquet4

Dedicated to my Better Half.