Nature, The Boss Lady

Some gardeners will

Their flowers place

According to their measure

Blog Photo - Garden - Low flowers in front of tulips

Tall ones in back

Short ones in front

‘Tis best for viewing pleasure


I wish I could

Claim this is what

Takes place in my own garden


But that would be

A lie from me

I’d have to beg your pardon

Blog Photo - Garden short flowers in front forget-me-nots

It started out

In this way, yes

All was in perfect order

Blog Photo - Garden short plants

But I forgot

To see what’s what

And Nature changed the border

Blog Photo - Garden Tall Flowers Everywhere

So now the tall ones

Bloom in front

While short ones hide behind them

Blog Photo - Garden Tall flowers in front

And if I want

To see most flow’rs

I have to go and find them.

Blog Photo - Garden Tall flowers gone wild


Dedicated to all who think they can perfectly control a garden. And to those who know better.

Cynthia Reyes Copyright August 2014



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42 responses to “Nature, The Boss Lady

  1. Good to know who’s really the boss! My garden is even more random than yours. 🙂

  2. So true! Growing herbs is like herding cats but love the randomness and beauty of it! We just pretend we can organise nature 😉

    • Well, our herb bed looked so wild (we foolishly placed it at the front of the house) that we planted boxwood around it. Then the boxwood joined the party and went nuts. Much later, my husband trimmed it – and now you can clearly see how wild the herbs are. Ah, well…

  3. Delightful and so true. My garden knew it was the boss from the day it first met me. 😀 Took me a bit longer to figure out that was the arrangement.

  4. I think flower beds often look good with tall plants at the front. I love looking at the garden through tall Verbena bonariensis.

  5. I have some tall plants at the front deliberately there, (well thats my story!) so I can look through and some have chanced their way by self seeding and then I find it hard to be ruthless and edit them out.

    • I believe your story, Julie. (smile) I also know about the lack of ruthlessness. Many of the gardening problems I’ve encountered in my life were caused because I wasn’t ruthless enough.

  6. Jim

    A well planned, perfectly controlled garden with tall plants in the back? Huh? What are you talking about? Never heard of such a thing! Not here, anyway. 🙂

    • Tell the truth, Jim: Aren’t you on hands and knees manicuring every petal and blade of grass in your garden? (smile)
      It always looks so good! By the way, your flowers look so healthy, I think you’re feeding them steroids.

  7. It is hard to control nature. In my semi-tropical garden, it becomes so over grown by this time of year, I just look and walk away. The task is too daunting in the heat.

  8. Such a gentle poem! I love it! It is all so true too. We only have to turn our backs for a day or two and all is different. It’s best not to make too many plans when gardening.

  9. Tu es une jardinière avisée alors… Très beau jardin où tout se mélange harmonieusement 🙂

    • Hah!
      Je me plais à penser, donc, Christiane!
      I’d certainly like to think so.
      Mais même le buis, nous avons planté de «contrôler» les plantes exubérantes ont rejoint l’amusement et les jeux et oublié son but.

  10. To those who know better. Myself…indeed. 🙂

  11. Oh so true, I think all gardens are perfect, not just those in books! 🙂 I love your poem and the pink tulips too!

  12. Well, you were wise to let Mother Nature have her way…your garden looks delightful! Have a lovley weekend, Johanna

  13. I like it better your way. It’s fun to discover what is hiding behind and underneath. Have a great weekend, Cynthia. 😀

  14. Love it, I am constantly finding new and weird things coming up in my garden in South Florida. Mother Nature is the best designer sometimes. However, I can’t resist rearranging things. A lot.
    I do love a tall pop of color in the front or middle of a perennial bed.

  15. I do indeed know better, but I had to learn the hard way.

  16. Very clever, and very true! But I actually prefer a little disorder as opposed to rank on rank.

  17. I will have to take and post some photos of my petunia trees. Never have I had petunias this tall and strong that they continue to grow upright, not really terrific for potted plants! So I agree with you, Cynthia – nature has its own ways, and if we bend and flex like her flowers, we may find she often does a pretty good job in spite of all our planning!

  18. Love it! I have decided to let Nature be her own artist 🙂

  19. Reblogged this on Cynthia Reyes and commented:

    A fave….

  20. Your post made me snicker. Love the rhyme, love the reality of gardening! Thanks, Cynthia for the giggle. Keep on gardening and be surprised!

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