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At Home With Sally Cronin


Sally Cronin  makes me want to stand up and salute.

An icon among independent authors and bloggers, Sally is host to more than 32-thousand blog followers, supporter of hundreds of authors around the world, author of eleven books,  gardener and wife.

Blog Photo - Sally CroninMCU

She and her husband David live in Ireland.

But let’s start at their beginning.

“I was assistant manager of a hotel and took David’s booking for 10 days starting on September 16th.  I commented to one of the receptionists that I loved his accent and that I thought I would marry him… joking!

Blog Photo - david and sally

“He arrived and I organised some business meetings for him. He was due to leave on the 26th but booked in for another two nights. He invited me for a drink after work and we chatted for about an hour.

“He asked if I would have lunch with him the next day.  We had lunch and walked along a windswept beach in the rain. That evening, he met me after work with a Chinese takeaway and the next day he came to say goodbye. He confessed that he had booked the two extra nights so he could ask me out, because he had fallen for me right away.

“We married six weeks later on November 15th, 1980.”


Blog Photo - Sally flowers

Since that remarkable beginning, Sally and David have lived in 17 houses — some rented, some bought and restored — in countries as varied as Sri Lanka, South Africa and Spain.

Each one has had a different location or character but all were home because we were living there. For me, home is where the heart is and that means David and me.” 

They recently returned to Ireland after several years in Spain. The two share a large home office.

Blog Photo - Sally Workspace

“I also love the kitchen-diner where I create meals and we entertain our family and friends. However, I have to say that I love our little library. Every time I walk through, I can see my collection of books from Wilbur Smith and other favourite authors.”

Blog Photo - Sally Library

Sally’s own books range from novels to non-fiction, sometimes inspired by her own life.

“My first book, Size Matters, was a health and weight loss book based on my own experiences of losing 70 kilo. I have written another ten books since then. I am an Indie author and proud to be one.” 

Blog Photo - Sally Book-covers-10x

Sally took a break from writing books when her mother became ill and died in 2012. A qualified nutritional therapist, she started her blog (Smorgasbord – Variety is the Spice of Life) “as a place to write about health, humour and any other subject that interested me.”

Her blog also provides a platform for other authors — a place where they’re introduced and their books promoted.

“After twenty years as an Indie author, I understand how difficult it can be to keep your latest book in the spotlight… Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing an author that I have promoted receiving a comment stating that ‘I have bought your book’. Job done.”


Blog Photo - Sally garden

At home, Sally and David always seem to have something on the go. They’ve been working on the garden. And Sally’s new book, inspired by the couple’s return to Ireland, launches this spring. It’s the sequel to Tales from the Garden. 

Blog Photo - Sally Tales From the Garden - Cover

“Tales from the Irish Garden continues the story of Queen Filigree and her court as they seek exile in Ireland in the garden of the Storyteller. The stories are linked and fall into the four seasons, peopled by new characters, resulting in some tears and I hope quite a bit of laughter.”

Her own life has included personal disasters, triumphs and suprises. 

“Around every corner there has been the unexpected. I have pushed open some fascinating doors which led to where I am today.

“Although we are now well into our 60s, we still believe there are a few more doors to push open and a few more places to visit. For example, we love our current house, but in a few years it will be time to move on. As long as we are together, wherever we end up will be home.”


128 thoughts on “At Home With Sally Cronin”

  1. Thanks for a very enjoyable visit to your home Sally. I agree, home is not the building, but where one’s current base is; as soon as you set up camp, put some books on a shelf and your plants on the window sill, it feels like home.

  2. As one of the many authors Sally has promoted – and continues to promote – I was delighted to read these new insights into her life. Thank you Cynthia.

      1. I must say that it was a while before found out a lot of things about each other.. we have rather different tastes in music, books.. he climbed mountains and loved camping… however the core of what we saw in each other was the same and we share the same sense of humour. I did go up a few mountains with him on the proviso that he hit the dance floor with me… mixed results! x

      2. We’ve always had the same likes and dislikes. The only downside is that he’s tone deaf and has no rhythm while I’m very musical and love to dance. As we’ve got older we are so alike in our ways that it’s scary…

    1. What to have for dinner, which packet to take off the shelf etc involves endless mental debate; but saying ‘Yes’ or deciding you like a house takes a mere few seconds!

  3. I smiled all the way as I read Sally’s story. Also, makes me proud to be an Indie writer. What a great way to start a Friday!

  4. That was such a great post. I loved learning more about Sally and David, too. What a whirlwind courtship and a whirlwind life!
    Thank you for sharing your story with us Sally, and thanks to Cynthia for hosting!

  5. I only have the utmost respect for you Sally and I don’t know you fit so much into your life. Lovely to read about you and you used two words that made me sit up -Wilbur Smith and South Africa (no, that’s 4 words). Hope you hear more about your stay there. 🙂 The best indie supporter in the world 🙂

    1. Thank you Lucinda.. I went to school in Cape Town and then returned to England to go to secondary school.. That was in 1965 and I missed it so much I borrowed my first Wilbur Smith book.. it was his first too.. When the Lion Feeds. I went on to buy that book and every other one he has written in the last 54 years. Whatever other books I might give away it will never be his. thank you for your lovely comments.. hugs xx

    1. Thank you Jacqui. Quite a few had their doubts but I think they were only too pleased to see me happy after my first disaster of a marriage and as soon as they met David they knew he was a very different man all together. Some friends did say it was probably just as well he didn’t know me very well!! But they did wink at the time. We still do not everything about each other even after 38 years… xx

  6. What a lovely beginning to this story… “Sally Cronin makes me want to stand up and salute.”…I would say the same! Thank you Cynthia for sharing a beautiful picture and a heart-warming story of Sally’s life…she is beyond imagination! 🙂

  7. Fabulous guest post Cynthia! Great word choice for Sally – icon! So glad to see Sally getting herself some attention here after all she does for others. ❤

  8. Thank you for producing such a lovely and well deserved tribute to Sally, who devotes herself so tirelessly to the community. It is nice to learn a bit about the woman behind the iconic blog.

  9. Happy to meet you, Sally. For my husband it was love at first sight. He saw me and immediately went to tell his sister-in-law: “That is the woman I am going to marry.” Took a bit longer for me but we have been happily married now for 49 years.

    Thank you Cynthia.

  10. Sally is an amazing person and I am pleased to call her my blogging friend. She does so much for the writing community and makes everyone feel so welcome on her blog. Thanks for featuring her here.

  11. What a lovely warm welcoming post. And so darn romantic too. Thanks for sharing, Cynthia. I learned a few new things about Sally besides what we already know – that she’s a wonderful author and blogger with a big heart. 🙂

  12. I’ve enjoyed and appreciated Sally, and all she does for indie authors, since the day I first “met” her on TheStoryReadingApe’s blog…or maybe it was on Andrew Joyce’s blog, not sure but one of those! And so it is fun to read a few personal details about her, and such good ones, too–a whirlwind romance still going strong all these years later, enjoying a nomadic “home is where the heart is” lifestyle, etc. It seems clear that this post gives us just a peek of a very satisfying and interesting life. Thanks! And, Sally….love the peek at your home….just lovely!!

  13. What a wonderful post, Cynthia. Sally is one in a million and I enjoyed seeing a little more of her person. I think the fire extinguisher in the library speaks volumes for her preparedness.

  14. Fabulous post about a fabulous person. And I love those photos and the story of how David and Sally met. Lovely to find out more about a generous woman I’m increasingly coming to regard as a mentor.

  15. Cynthia, this is a beautiful tribute to Sally. You’ve captured a few rare moments and photos that add to the attractive design and flavor of this post ❤
    Sally, it’s wonderful to see you featured here on Cynthia’s lovely blog ❤

  16. What a great story Cynthia tells and how encouraging to see the books!! But I must say, what a parachute jump to have married someone six weeks after meeting. I think sometimes you just know!

  17. I love learning more about Sally. What a full life she and David have lived! And I love Wilbur Smith books, too. Sally is extraordinary and so generous in her treatment of other authors and bloggers. Thank you for posting! – Molly

  18. Thank you for another introduction to a Very Interesting Person, Cynthia. Sally and David are leading full and rewarding lives – may their homes continue to be happy, wherever they choose to settle!

      1. It’s true, we do only pass this way once, at least as far as we know. So making the most of our journey is good advice – and perhaps a little touch of uncertainty about those boxes allows you to be open to the kinds of opportunities that help you do just that!

  19. Such a fond tribute to your friend, Cynthia. I have met Sally in passing a couple of times and have heard so much praise of her.
    Very nice to meet you (again), Sally!

  20. I am out of breath whenever I think of, or come across, Sally. She does so much to support so many people over such a range from health to writing. Her stories of her father are wonderful too. An amazing woman!

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