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The biggest, fattest snowflakes (snow dollops?) of the season arrived yesterday, like cold water in the face of Spring.

I’m no poet, but these verses are meant to make you smile:



24 thoughts on “Spring?”

  1. You are indeed a poet! As a fairly recent follower, these previous lovely posts are new to me. I LOVE both of them. Beautiful pictures too. Thank-you!

  2. Beautiful poems and images, Cynthia and Hamlin! And thank you for the link on the cardinal photo to vitalxrecognition.wordpress.com/ Cardinals don’t come this far west. I do miss them, especially in winter. 🙂

  3. Hooray, got Kindle downloaded for new Mac and have your new book, Cynthia! This afternoon the sun came out and at the moment we have about 65 degrees – may it head up your way quickly!

  4. Indeed, we must tolerate all the little things that come with Spring – the ants that have decided there’s food to be found on my kitchen counter (ugh – the furthest they’ve ever made it “inland”) and the budding tulips noshed to the ground by resident deer … but after another cold winter? We’ll take it! Thanks for the rhyming Spring welcome. 🙂

  5. Lady Spring has a changing humor and shows sometime a winter look . The wonderful cardinal with summer feathers does not look happy under the iced rain.
    Love ❤

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