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Behind Closed Eyes

I’m glad to hear about a breakthrough in curing Alzheimer’s disease, using ultrasound.

The poem below describes what I experienced but couldn’t explain during long periods after the accident: the inability to think or speak clearly. In fact, some of my relatives feared I had Alzheimer’s.

I never want to return to that time, but one thing it gave me is a deep empathy for anyone whose brain won’t work properly.

This poem is dedicated to Jo Burton and others who have the disease, and their loved ones:


The words had left, flown off on wings

My mind confused, mixed up with things

Then empty when I tried to find

Words to say what was on my mind


And then as I searched for a word

To tell of something seen or heard

The thoughts themselves would fly away

Like truant children gone astray


Blog Photo - Stiver Hosue Mural2

And then I’d try to do my best

To bring them back, to make them rest

Inside my head, all in one place

Just stay with me, like bits of grace


And then the headaches they would start

Like knives cutting my brain apart

Like furious birds attacking it

Intent on making me unfit


Blog Photo - Bird Scratches self

To think, to speak, to read, to write

Remember anything this night

Except the pain that crammed my head

Merging with pain that made my bed


A place of war, no space for rest

To perch a while and build a nest

A place where nightmares came to dwell

Behind closed eyes and doors to hell.


Link to the recent news story about a breakthrough in finding a cure for Alzheimers:


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A Winter’s Tail

The birds are back with songs of Spring

Their tunes incite imagining

That Winter’s end will soon arrive

And living things shall haste to thrive


Via vitalxrecognition.wordpress.com/
Image Thanks to: vitalxrecognition.wordpress.com/

A Winter’s Tail, how bittersweet!

Today it’s sun, tomorrow sleet

And wind to stop us in our tracks

And cold to freeze Spring-hungry backs


One day we feel a wave of hope

Warmed by our thoughts that we can cope

And then come gales of Winter still

And blizzards coat the windowsill


Blog Photo - Icy Winter evening

Ho, Winter! Do your level best

Your time is near to take a rest

For Lady Spring prepares to rule

She’ll thaw your ice and warm your cool


She’ll rout you, kick your icy tail

She’ll make you wish you’d stopped at hail

Who’s mighty now, oh Freezer Guy

Who rules the roost? Oh my, oh my!

Blog Photo - Rainy Garden with Flowering shrubs

Spring wakes the earth; the gardens flower

She turns grass green and makes you cower

She strips away your winter clothes

And sprinkles sunshine up your nose

Blog Photo - Mama's Garden2

She brings new life to garden trail

She gives new strength to plants so frail

To stand up ‘gainst your mighty storm

And so defy your freezing form


Ho! Winter’s Tail, I kid you not

Pick up your snow and off you trot

Break down your ice and melt away

See you around, when skies are grey

 ~~Blog Photo - Lilacs and forget Me Nots

See you next time, oh Frigid One

But not too soon, for Spring’s begun

And three great seasons I shall see

Before you’re back to torment me.


Thanks to Hamlin Grange for all original photos.

Dedicated to my friends Lisa E. and Marion W: Spring is near.

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When the Sun Shines

When the sun shines



My mind teems with possibilities

My heart brims with optimism

That all things are possible

If only I believe


Blog Photo - flowers for Sister Yellows 1

But on grey days



My soul pulls the blanket over its head

And there goes my brave certainty

That mountains can be scaled

Any trouble vanquished


Blog Photo - Doggies in window

Deep in my soul



I find myself searching for some courage

To tell my spirit to shape up

Because grey, like snow and cold

Does not last forever.


For a dear friend and all who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D)

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The Hungry Philosopher

At dinner that evening, I asked a man

Who had taken three pieces of cake

One after the other

Though he paused before the last

Photo by Simply Splendid Victorian Afternoon Tea
Photo by Simply Splendid Victorian Afternoon Tea

And looked straight at me across the table

As if seeking a stranger’s approval

Then dug right in

With an almost-grunt of satisfaction


“What happened?” I asked him, curious,

“At that very last moment

Just before

You gave in to temptation?”

Photo Courtesy of The No Grainer Baker
Photo Courtesy of The No Grainer Baker

He smiled at the crumbs on his plate

Then looked at me and said:

“You tell yourself

That it won’t be that bad, not really


That’s what you tell yourself.

It is, after all, such a little thing

A small piece of nothing

That you’ll make up for later.”

Jamaican Christmas Cake - Google Images
Jamaican Christmas Cake – Google Images

The hungry philosopher smiled again

But sadly now, at his plate

Regretful, yes

And something else, perhaps


A bit of shame caused by a stranger

Who spoke

When she should have stayed quiet

And let the man enjoy his cake.


Dedicated to everyone who knows when to keep their mouth shut.