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Wisteria Envy

John's Wisteria4

My good friend John

The gardener one

He boasts of his wisteria.

He calls me once,

Then twice, then thrice

He’s this close to hysteria.


“It’s blooming soon!

Come see, come see

The buds are getting fatter!”

John keeps this up

All summer long

A never-ending natter.


The problem is

John’s vine does bloom

And mine again is ‘fallow’

(It’s come to this

I find new words

For grief that I must swallow.)

John's wisteria3

John’s vine does bloom

John’s vine does bloom

Three times in every season

“Come see, come see,”

John says to me

Happy beyond all reason.


So off I go

Convinced he’s wrong

For now it is hot weather.

But No! John’s right

The vine doth bloom

This was no idle blather.


Blog Photo - Wisteria 1


Just now I get

Another note

From you-know-who, a-boasting

And that is why

I write this verse

That John, he needs a roasting.


A clever thought

Has seized my brain

And now I start devising

A stealthy plot

To carry out

A bit of ‘gardenizing’


Of digging up

My barren vine

And off we’ll go together

In dead of night

Across the town

No matter what the weather.

Blog Photo - Wisteria 2


And plant it where

John’s vine once stood

And leave it in its glory

While John’s vine

Sprawls across my hood

About to change the story.



Now we shall see

Who boasts each spring

And every single summer

For John is now

Proud owner of

The world’s non-blooming bummer.

The End.

Top 2 photos by John Van Burek of his bloomin’ wisteria.  Ughhhh…..